A TF1 executive accuses Cyril Hanouna of doing “a lot of harm to the news”

INFOTAINMENT – Thierry Thuillier, director of information at TF1, criticizes Cyril Hanouna for blurring the lines between news and entertainment.

The hatchet is still not buried between TF1 and Cyril Hanouna. The spade this time came on Wednesday from Thierry Thuillier. According to the information director of the first channel in France, the host “does a lot of harm to the info” by blurring the boundaries between news and entertainment.

“Among the trouble factors in the relationship to information, there is the emergence of ‘talks’ (talk-shows, talk shows), and in particular of ‘talks’ which claim to be informative”, declared Thierry Thuillier during a conference-debate at the Assises du journalisme de Tours which takes place from Monday to Saturday. “Sorry to say it, but Hanouna does a lot of harm to the info,” he added during this debate on the crisis of public confidence in the media.

The “Daily” program spared

“When you have politicians from this country who go on a set to be manhandled, (…) I think it serves information”, continued the boss of the info, calling for “the distinction between our professions, our practices” as journalists, and other things “that relate to entertainment”.

Thierry Thuillier also clarified that he “did not speak” of other talk shows such as “Quotidien”, “(…) Read more at 20minutes

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