A thousand days of motorhomes – through America, Australia and New Zealand in three years


Stein, Conrad, publisher


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Traveling the world for three years in your own mobile home, rolling along lonely highways through breathtaking landscapes, staying where you like it – who hasn’t dreamed of that? Hildegard and Peter Grünthaler turned this dream into reality and recorded their experiences in the book “A thousand days of motorhomes – in three years through America, Australia and New Zealand”.
Do you have to leave it at dreaming for the time being? Then let the author take you on a journey! Cross the United States from east to west with the married couple. Join the train of “the snowbirds” and make your way over the potholes and bumps of MEX 1 to the dream beaches of Mexico’s Baja California to spend the winter there. In spring you follow the “Snowbirds” north, camp in Canada by lonely lakes and sit around the campfire…