A thousand people protest in Valencia against the management of the Government



05/19/2020 22:34Updated: 05/19/2020 23:28

A thousand people has concentrated this Tuesday, around nine at night and in the heart of the Alameda de Valencia, in front of the San Juan de Ribera Army barracks to assist the lowering of the Spanish flag, chanting cries of protest against the Government and demanding the resignation of its president.

The act had a large police presence – on the street and from the air with a helicopter – to prevent the attendees, most of them with Spanish flags, who were chanting: “Sánchez, resign!” and “Long live Spain!”, failed to comply with the social distancing measures established by the state of alarm, without any incident having occurred.


news-img-figure”>Hundreds of people have gathered in the Alameda de Valencia to protest against the government's management. (EFE)
news-img-caption-def”>Hundreds of people have gathered in the Alameda de Valencia to protest against the government’s management. (EFE)

Among the attendees was the deputy of Vox in Les Corts Valencianes José María Llanos and after the lowering of the flag and once the Spanish anthem has sounded, the audience has dispersed.

During the protest in Valladolid, several citizens have walked through various roads in the city a large flag, around the streets Muro and General Ruiz, while they uttered alive to Spain and asked for the resignation of the Government.

Ferraz and Galapagar

In Madrid, the tenth day of this Tuesday of concentrations and casseroles has been marked by a broad police device that has avoided the closure of Calle Ferraz, headquarters of the PSOE, or the confrontation between groups in the town of Alcorcón.

The day of this Tuesday is preceded by the political confrontation with crossing of declarations between the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, and the second vice-president of the Government and secretary general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias. Abascal called for the saucepans to sound “more than ever” and for the government to listen to the “clamor” of the citizens in the face of a “dictatorship camouflaged by alarm”.

J. Bocanegra

In a string of tweets, the president of Vox charges against Iglesias for “threatening” with “his departure from the club in our homes” and linking him to his past as an ETA target

For his part, Iglesias expressed his concern that the tension that has led some to demonstrate in front of his house or that of Minister Ábalos is widespread and warned: “This is known where it begins but not where it ends.”

This Tuesday in Galapagar, a section of the street where it is located the house of Iglesias and the minister Irene Montero, has been cut to traffic by agents of the Civil Guard. Yesterday, security in the vicinity of the chalet was tightened, according to sources from the Armed Institute. Both this Tuesday and the previous days the protests have been settled without incident in Galapagar.

The Civil Guard is responsible for guaranteeing security on the perimeter of the Iglesias y Montero home, a task already assigned before the declaration of the state of alarm. This Tuesday, the agents have placed dissuasive fences on the street where the residence is located and have controlled access to it, only allowing residents to pass.

Núñez de Balboa

One more day, the street of Núñez de Balboa, in the Madrid district of Salamanca, was one of the most popular places for protesters, where the protests began. The agents deployed in the place took the data of one of the representatives of the Resistance Movement, organizers of the call.

However, the Havana promenade This Tuesday was the area where the most people gathered, several hundred, including a banner with the flag of Spain and the word “freedom”.

Pablo Gabilondo

The casseroles in Núñez de Balboa have been gathering strength since Sunday, when the police dissolved a crowd in which distances were not respected

The extensive police device has prevented in front of the PSOE headquarters in calle Ferraz, the protesters, around two hundred, closed the traffic as in the previous two days. At all times, the agents have required these people to circulate on the sidewalks and not stay standing near the socialist headquarters.

Tension in Alcorcón

In other areas such as Montecarmelo, Sanchinarro, Pinar de Chamartín, Aravaca and in peripheral municipalities such as Arganda, Majadahonda, Las Rozas or Pozuelo, tranquility has reigned and the number of attendees has decreased compared to other days. Other neighborhoods in Madrid have lived the day with tranquility such as Plaza de Colón, Vallecas or Villaverde. The only moment of tension that has been experienced in these demonstrations It was in the town of Alcorcón where there was a verbal confrontation between the members of the pan and another opposing group.


news-img-figure”>Tension in the Madrid town of Alcorcón during a new cacerolada against the government's management in the coronavirus crisis. (EFE)Tension in the Madrid town of Alcorcón during a new cacerolada against the government's management in the coronavirus crisis. (EFE)
news-img-caption-def”>Tension in the Madrid town of Alcorcón during a new cacerolada against the government’s management in the coronavirus crisis. (EFE)

The City Council of this municipality decreed the closure of the Plaza de los Príncipes de España, the place where the rally is organized, to avoid crowds and to avoid confrontations. However, the police action managed to prevent the incidents from escalating.

In recent years these protests have been reproduced in other parts of the Spanish geography such as Toledo, Navarra or Murcia, where they are concentrated in the Plaza de Santa Catalina carrying flags of Spain and with the anthem in the background, since last weekend.


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