Friday, 20 Apr 2018

A three-year-old boy was kidnapped and murdered by his neighbors in Mexico

April 9th, E.S.R (3) He went out to buy and did not return home. The mother and maternal grandmother denounced his disappearance before the police of the municipality of Huimanguillo, in Tabasco ( Mexico ). “They have reported that they started receiving calls, there was a demand and they told him that he was kidnapped,” he said. Fernando Valenzuela , prosecutor of Tabasco. This Thursday, however, the worst was confirmed. State and federal authorities located the body of the child, only two streets from his house. According to the experts, he had been cruelly murdered three or four days ago. The alleged perpetrators have been identified as ‘Dora M’ and ‘El loncho’. The woman is 26 years old and studies nursing, while the young man, who is presumably her partner, 18. The Prosecutor’s Office rules out that these people are part of organized crime.

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