A town hall rebels against Enedis and seeks testimonials on the counter Linky


By deliberation of the municipal council of June 1st, 2016, the municipality which is owner of the electricity meters, gave the choice to the Bagnolais to accept or refuse the replacement of their electricity meter by a communicating counter said “Linky”. The network manager in charge of this replacement, however, decided to ignore the decision of the city council and impose “Linky” Bagnolais. Threats or INTIMIDATIONS The deliberation was attacked before the Administrative Court of Toulon. The folder is currently being processed. In this context, the municipality seeks written testimonies of any (e) Bagnolais (e) having refused “Linky” but with whom ENEDIS would have replaced the meter of force or having received threats or intimidations from the handler or its providers . If you are willing to testify, please contact the town hall who will tell you the procedure to follow. Contact, mairie@bagnolsenforet.fr/. Site www.bagnolsenforet.fr/.


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