A trailer that can be loaded? – Electric cars

A Electric car tips and questions in the Facebook group the other day, the photo below, taken in Dunakesz, appeared, which immediately sparked the imagination of the members. There were some who inquired from the technical side how this could be solved, but the majority came up with wild ideas about what the trailer tarpaulin could hide.

Photo: Bálint Rakamazi

Perhaps the island’s solar system on a nearby farm did not produce enough energy for someone during the gloomy winter weather, so they take the energy home in a battery placed on a trailer? Is the hot water prepared in an electric boiler for the evening bath? Maybe an electric motorcycle, scooter or quad can be hidden under the tarp?

Photo: Bálint Rakamazi

The technical solution is otherwise not complicated, a ready-made Type2-Schuko converter is available, one end of which can be connected to the public AC charger, and the other end has a traditional socket, up to 3 pieces, one for each of the three phases. It is manufactured for the owners of electric vehicles that can only be charged from a socket, e.g. electric scooters, but rarely also used by motorhomes, so the working battery of the snail housing can also be charged from an electric car charging station. Perhaps the only difficulty is that the poles let go of our cable at the end of charging.

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