A trio with the blues in their blood

Erlenbach. “It was a repeat night,” says Ed Steenkist. The chairman of the Kult-U(h)r-Pur association from Erlenbach speaks of Mojo Hand’s concert at Schorsch, which attracted many music lovers despite the competition at carnival. Those who came did not regret it: With his blues project, the renowned guitarist Jürgen “Mojo” Schultz once again kept what was promised from this formation. And that’s a lot, because Schultz is considered one of the most versatile and best string players in southern Germany.

From the beginning there was a cozy and intimate atmosphere in the hall, which lasted until the end. At the concerts under the umbrella of Kult-U(h)r-Pur at the Schorsch, it has long since become a habit that Ed Steenkist opens the evening with the latest news from the Dutch royal family – with a wink and a lot of fun, of course.

The trio Mojo Hand, which is otherwise always “reinforced” by illustrious guests, stayed “to themselves” that evening – a circumstance that gave Jürgen “Mojo” Schultz room to show all his skills. The audience enjoyed this noticeably – and didn’t let the band leave the hall without encores. The night’s setlist ranged from Fleetwood Mac to The Black Crowes and tracks penned by “Mojo” Schultz himself.