A Trump voter threw beer at the comedian, his reaction was seen by millions

At the time of writing, the video of Ariel Elias talking to his audience, a viewer throwing a beer can at him, and the comedian picking up the beer and downing it, has been played more than five million times.

Elias asks if anyone has any questions at the beginning of the video, before a female voice asks him if he voted for Trump. The comedian first jokes why they ask him such a question, the only Jewish person in the room, and the woman says that you can hear in his jokes that he voted for Biden.

Elias says that you can tell by the fact that he voted for Trump, that he is still speaking, even though no one wants him anymore. The comedian is applauded, but a few moments later a beer can is pulled away from the stage not far from him. Elias picks it up and pulls it all off and the crowd applauds.

Elias told Newsweek that as soon as he picked up the box, he felt there was more in it and instinctively pulled it down because he felt it was the only way he could pull himself together.

and because it was a moment where he really needed a drink.

The case can be viewed here:

The thrower turned out to be the Trump voter’s husband, who hurriedly left after the throw. The comedian said the club would report the man, but Elias said he personally didn’t want to, because then he would have to go back to Point Pleasant Beach, and he was only willing to do that if they paid him. They will pay anyway, because the same club has already booked him for April.

Not only did Elias’ move bring him a resurgence, but most likely national fame, especially after a bunch of other comedians shared the video of the incident. Because they were officially approached by Jimmy Kimmel Live! producers to make an appointment with him for the show.