A Turkish citizen related to two murders in his country was arrested in a town in A Coruña | Radio Coruña

Agents of the National Police have been arrested in a town of A coruña a Turkish citizen related to two murders perpetrated in Turkey and motivated by a settling of accounts related to heroin trafficking, according to the General directorate of police.

Specifically, it explains that, in November 2017, two gunmen shot dead the victims when they were in a istanbul cafe, also firing at a third party who was with them at that time.

Investigators had been following the trail of a Turkish citizen who was suspected of being able to sell large amounts of heroin in Spain.

Initially there was evidence of the presence of this man in the province of Malaga, although shortly afterwards he moved to the province of A Coruña, “possibly because he was aware of the existence of the arrest warrant issued against him by the Turkish authorities” explains the Police.

Arrest warrant

The arrest warrant for extradition purposes was issued on December 18, 2019 by the Turkish judicial authorities. The reasons for the request were that the arrested man, allegedly, had arranged with another man to murder two subjects who had robbed the second’s home to steal heroin from him.

Once the plan was drawn up, two gunmen located the victims on November 10, 2017 when they were in a cafeteria in Istanbul, at which time they were shot dead, also shooting at a third party who was with them at that time.

After various steps, the investigators managed to locate the arrested man in a country house in a Coruña town, although the surveillance made it possible to verify that he did not leave said house, making small appearances on the fenced plot and returning to the property.

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In view of the above, judicial authorization was requested to access the property and carry out the arrest, an operation that had the collaboration of the GOES of Galicia. The detainee was placed at the disposal of the Central Investigating Court of the National High Court, whose head decreed his entry into prison.