A tweet with a picture of students in front of them with water bottles puts the “Taif Education” account in an embarrassing position.. and quickly deletes it after a torrent of criticism

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Department of Education in Taif Governorate sparked controversy after it published a tweet that it deleted minutes later, as it received widespread criticism from followers who called for “education” to be transparent, clear and credible in what it proposes.

This came after the account of the Education Department in Taif published a tweet in which it said that the educational process on the first day of the month of Ramadan took place with all discipline and regularity, attached with the tweet a number of pictures of a group of students in a classroom, but the publisher of the tweet did not notice the presence of “packages”. water” on school tables, which contradicts fasting, which means that the pictures were taken in a month other than Ramadan, according to “Al-Watan”.

The pictures caused harsh criticism of “Taif Education”, for not investigating the correctness, credibility and clarity in its tweet, and in front of the huge amount of comments, the Education Department was forced to delete the tweet.

One of the commentators said: “Fast, it is not permissible to lie,” while another added: “And the older children with them are watery, meaning the picture is not in Ramadan.