A unique issue in the Kingdom .. Clinical evidence for “Palliative Medicine for patients with tumors”


Al-Mokhtar Newspaper – The Saudi Health Council, represented by the National Cancer Center, has announced the National Clinical Guidelines for Tumor Therapy in Oncology, which combines best practice based on evidence in the treatment of adult patients suffering from life-threatening diseases or chronic diseases. Adherence to the standards of building international directories in accordance with AGREE standards.

Dr. Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Ameri, Secretary General of the Saudi Health Council, said that the issuance of the national guidelines for telepathic medicine is the first of its kind in the Kingdom. The national achievement will serve the diverse health sectors that surpass the services of palliative medicine for cancer patients and their families. With a professional mechanism in accordance with the best practices and evidence used in the clinical cases common in the field of palliative medicine and recognized in specialized international bodies.

“The National Clinical Guidelines for Tumor Therapy in Tumors will make a difference in the provision of quality medical attention to patients and their families suffering from chronic diseases, to reduce the severity of the disease in terms of health, psychological and social, and provide support and support to patients to bear the disease and complications and pain through telepathic therapy, “The implementation and adherence to these guidelines will not have successful results in each case, so there is a commitment to health practitioners’ involvement in this range by giving the right clinical decision while handling individual cases.”

Al-Amiri noted the tremendous role that the National Cancer Center has played in this national project, starting with its establishment and developing it in the desired manner to achieve the aspirations. He expressed his thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed to the preparation and dissemination of this national project, the most important of professionals and specialists in the field of alternative medicine All of them in the Kingdom, wishing God Almighty to make it possible for everyone to achieve the exemplary excellence of palliative care and to provide quality health care to patients.

Dr. Sulaiman bin Nasser Al-Shehri, Director General of the National Cancer Center, said: “The completion of the Saudi National Evidence Project for Palliative Care will contribute significantly to facilitating health practitioners in the Kingdom to identify the types of cancer suffering and the streets of their assessment and treatment. To sensitize patients and their families and provide them with appropriate medical information that helps them to treat these pains.

“Many of the world’s people suffer from chronic diseases such as advanced heart disease, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, and many other cases requiring palliative care to relieve pain and suffering such as renal failure, chronic liver disease, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid, neurological diseases, dementia, Drug resistant.

The National Clinical Guidelines for Tumoral Medicine in Tumors issued by the Saudi Health Council include: treatment of cancer pain, delirium, the use of the Admonton Symptom Assessment System, the use of the palliative instrument measure, treatment of dyspnea, treatment of gastrointestinal disturbance, end-of-life treatment and treatment. Treatment of depression, treatment of depression, treatment of snoring death, treatment of ascites, oral care, psychosocial care, hypnosis For final anesthesia.

A full version of the national clinical guidelines for telepathic medicine in tumors can be viewed through correspondence with the General Secretariat of the Saudi Health Council, or visit the National Cancer Center page on the website of the Council’s Secretariat through:


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