A unique medical achievement in the military hospital .. Elimination of cancerous tumor of the colon and rectum using a new laparoscopic technique


Major General Khalid Bin Ali Al Khalifa, Commander of the Royal Medical Services, praised the advanced medical level achieved by the Department of Surgery and Beauty in Royal Medical Services. A team of doctors at the military hospital, headed by Dr. Thamer Al-Abbasi, assisted the surgeon with the assistance of Professor Luigi Boni, Headed by the consultant d. Jalal Al-Khan to perform a colon and rectal cancer tumor using a new laparoscopic technique. This operation is a unique achievement for the Kingdom of Bahrain . He explained that the process lasted about three hours, which is an alternative to the traditional operations in such diseases, where they were previously the eradication of the rectum with the anus and the formation of a permanent bag in the body, but in this process is maintained the natural line of the digestive system and control muscles . Pointing out that the patient stays in the hospital for three nights during which to follow up his health and also depends on the final results from the laboratory to estimate the proportion of treatment, where some cases can be converted to chemotherapy to continue to eliminate the tumor and this process is a telescope where the sample is extracted through small openings of the hole An anal opening instead of an abdominal wall .


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