A unique place in Kaunas: the service owners founded the rocker cafe by connecting three old trolleybuses | Food

When I called 44-year-old Jonas Gutauskas for the first time to make an appointment, the mobile phone app indicated that I was calling a car service. I was surprised, I even thought that I made a mistake when entering the number – I didn’t know anything about the interviewer’s other businesses at that time.

Photo by Karolina Stazytė/Jonas Gutauskas in his and his wife’s car service

The surprise continued when I arrived at the end of August in three connected old Škoda trolleybuses that opened the doors rock cafe cafe and music club “14 stopelė”.

Our conversation with Jon about this new project of their family started precisely at the Gutauskai car service, at the entrance of which hangs a warning sign in English that stupid people can’t go any further.

Photo by Karolina Stazytė/Jonas and Grita Gutauskas car service

Photo by Karolina Stazytė/Jonas and Grita Gutauskas car service

Grows crabs

Upon entering, the first person to meet was the 12-year-old female Braškė. The poor thing recently fell down the stairs, is limping, and the owners immortalized this painful event by displaying an X-ray photo of the paw. witty

Photo of Karolina Stazytė/X-ray photo in car service

Photo of Karolina Stazytė/X-ray photo in car service

“This is the manager of our car service. She always lies down on the aisles so that everyone has to cross her. After all, they chose the place first, others are to blame for the inconvenience,” Jonas from Kaunas introduced his pet, which goes to work every morning with its owners and, one might say, grew up here, while shaking my hand.

Soon I get to know Eugene, the general director of the car service, the crab waving his pincers at me in the aquarium. John is very fond of these creatures, even goes by the nickname “Crab”.

Teodoros Biliūnas/BNS photo/Krabas Eugenijus

Teodoros Biliūnas/BNS photo/Krabas Eugenijus

It turns out that it all started with watching the cartoon “SpongeBob SquarePants” (there is also a balloon symbolizing him in the garage) with my daughters. Since I liked the character of the crab Eugene the most, this label stuck to John.

“My daughters gave me the first two crabs 8 years ago. They grow 4 times a year by emerging from their “skin”. It opens like a sprat cooker and out comes a soft crab. “Skūra” is eaten. If there are two crabs, the hatchling is also at risk of being eaten.

The crab and the spider are cousins, by the way. The spider just evolved – it came out of the water and is considered “faster”. And the crab stayed in the water, that’s why it’s so… “cold”. Pincers of different sizes are a “macho” symbol. Ours is left-handed, there are also right-handed ones. The match is pinched,” Jonas revealed a bunch of interesting facts.

Next to the aquarium, I notice the guts of several crabs in the display case – one of them, as John assured me, belongs to the predecessor of the current one, which… committed suicide! Seeing the surprised expression on my face, the interviewer explained that the previous crab had cut the filter wire with the pincers and electrocuted him.

In the administrative premises, there is also a stuffed animal named Fedor.

Karolina Stazytė photo/Suopios Fiodoros stuffing

Karolina Stazytė photo/Suopios Fiodoros stuffing

“A man found this buck wounded in the forest, brought it home, thinking it would be a hunting companion. Tamed. But one day, he got angry and glared at the father. This one decided to explain what power is at home. After that, Fyodor’s stuffed animal ended up in a car service as a gift”, – Jonas gave another incredible story, drawing attention to the huge moose head hanging on the wall.

About Subaru, which won the sound competition

Jonas never finished higher education, although he studied mechanics and then design. He also attended a music school for 8 years – played the cello, but dropped out a year before the end of the classes. Today he presents himself simply as an artist full of original ideas.

“At the car service, which we manage together with my wife Grita, we not only carry out repairs, but also repair cars tuning. Here is the first love of our family, a 1996 Subaru Legacy, which I have owned since 2004. Everything is done by hand. We toured Europe twice with her. It has been serving as a service exhibit for the past six years,” introduced Jonas and offered to sit on the seat of the Subaru, which is equipped with an incredibly good sound system of a competitive level.

A minute passed and we were both listening to Mad About You by Hooverphonic. A video clip was playing on the screens. Surrendering to the sounds of the music, I sipped the coffee prepared by John. According to him, it is tastier at the car service than at the “14 stop” cafe. For some reason.

“With this equipment installed in the Subaru, we used to participate in sound quality competitions. Among the Baltic countries, we took the 5th place, in Lithuania – several first places. If a customer now wants such hardware in his machine, it would cost about 5 thousand. euros”, named Jonas.

On the windowsill, the evidence of the just-mentioned achievements is placed – the winners’ cups.

Photo by Karolina Stazytė/Jonas and Grita Gutauskas car service

Photo by Karolina Stazytė/Jonas and Grita Gutauskas car service

The idea was born in Riga

It’s time to talk about “Stop 14”, which opened its doors on August 20 of this year. The Gutauskais dreamed of a rock cafe – a musical affair from the moment they got married, which happened 21 years ago. This idea was never forgotten, because John appreciates a real instrument, a real voice.