A venomous snake in front while sliding; Father and son narrowly escaped

People who are afraid of snakes will try to run away if they see snakes in front of their eyes. But if there is no such situation, it will be the scariest moment of life. Nick, a native of New South Wales, Australia, and his seven-year-old son Alex had such an experience. While sliding along the toboggan in the park, a venomous snake came in front of them.

The incident took place at Jamberoo Action Park in New South Wales. The two arrived at the park in the morning and were the first visitors to ride the toboggan that day. While the father and son were enjoying sliding together in that happiness, they unexpectedly saw another visitor who climbed in front of them. It was a red bellied black snake. Nick and Alex are helpless, unable to get off the toboggan or move, even though they see the snake before it gets close to it.

As his son was afraid of the snake, Nick quickly crossed the side of the toboggan. Nick says that he might as well have been walking on top of the snake. Can’t say for sure if it hurt. But at that time nothing else could be done or thought of. Anyway, Nick is relieved to be out of harm’s way.

After completing the toboggan ride, he approached the park staff and reported the sighting of the snake. With that, the toboggan ride was temporarily stopped. Later, the trapped snake was removed from there with the help of snake catching experts and other visitors were allowed to enter. Nick has also released pictures taken with a selfie camera while riding the ride.

Red-bellied black snakes are a type of snake found in abundance in the east coast region of Australia. In general, they avoid people when they see them, but in life-threatening situations, if they bite, they can cause fatal poisoning. If they see a human, their body remains still and their escape strategy is. Children and pets are more likely to die from their bites.

English Summary: Chilling moment dad and son come face-to-face with venomous snake on ride