A very thin woman with a huge belly amazed doctors in Plovdiv

An extremely complex operative intervention was performed in Plovdiv under the leadership of Dr. Iliya Amaliev, in a team with Dr. Georgi Amaliev, Dr. Spasov, Dr. Dzhalov and Dr. Veleva.

The removed solid tumor formation occupied the entire abdominal cavity of the woman and weighed 15 kilograms. The retroperitoneally located tumor measuring 50 by 50 cm was multi-adherent, reaching the liver and pushing against the bladder. The uterus, ovaries, ureter, small and large intestinal loops and bladder were involved. The team of specialists performed a radical hysterectomy in which all affected areas were removed.

The patient is a 49-year-old woman who for 4-5 years noticed the gradual increase in her abdomen. She shared that fear held her back from seeking medical help for so long. Moreover, she had no physical discomfort. Until 2 years ago when she started losing weight and this prompted her to contact her attending physician who referred her to a specialist.

At the time she visited Dr. Amaliev’s office, the patient was extremely thin and had a huge belly because of the tumor. Dr. Amaliev says that in his many years of practice he has come across similar cases, but he is adamant that they are extremely rare.

Now, a few days after the operation, she is in a stable general condition and says that she feels much better and can move independently. She realizes the mistake she made by not contacting a doctor earlier and advises everyone not to postpone preventive examinations with a specialist.