a video clip to bring Grand Corps Malade to the CHU rehabilitation center

It’s hard not to be touched by the nice clip made by the staff and patients of the Nantes CHU rehabilitation center. They stage themselves on a song by Grand Corps Malade and appeal to him to come and meet them and, why not, sing for them.

“I’m going to leave my house and walk outside, stop for a moment, look at the sky, the sun, on the roofs, will pose its golden reflections, I’m going to enjoy seeing that, since it is not essential. “

It is on the words of the song of Grand Corps Malade “Not essential” that the staff, patients of the rehabilitation center of the CHU de Nantes and sometimes even members of their families have staged themselves.

The initiative belongs to an association of the University Hospital of Nantes, the association APRAIH Recherche et Animation pour l’Insertion dans le Handicap, an association for the defense of the rights of people with disabilities. At the start of the year, with the health crisis, no activities were possible at the hospital. Something had to be done to break the monotony and bring a little positive to everyday life.

“He will have to come”

Julie Potteeuw, the president of APRAIH, then had the idea of ​​inviting Grand Corps Malade who had just released a new album. But how to touch it?

A colleague of Julie, Elsa, also physiotherapist, offers to make a clip on one of her songs. “He will have to come” she says. “Everyone laughed, remembers Julie. But everyone followed us. “

In July, filming of the scenes began in the rehabilitation center. “The goal was, to invite him, concludes Julie, but it was also to live those moments. What emerges from the clip is just hope, a smile, the essential. “

see the clip

Nicolas, one of the patients, is in a wheelchair. He was not very motivated at the start. Out of shyness, no doubt. But he was convinced by his wife with whom we see him at the end of the clip for a moving choreography.

“We rehearsed with my wife at home, says Nicolas, we showed Julie what we had done and it pleased. “

The couple also invited their children to participate in the clip.

“He’s been in the same boat a bit as us”

Several dozen patients played along and, in the end, the three-minute clip is really successful, a nice message that the singer might hear.

Nicolas believes in it. Life is not always easy in this center. “We miss the family, the exercises are often hard. (the coming of the slam star), that could change our ideas “ testifies Nicolas. So he hopes that Grand Corps Malade will come. It is due to perform on December 4 at the Zenith in Nantes.

“Ho yes, he was a bit in the same boat as us, said Nicolas. It can only touch him. “

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“Any idea is good to take, estimates Yannick, another patient who also participated in the clip. I actually felt the blow. I have a physiotherapist who is dynamic, she told us about the project. We went all out. “

Yannick was responsible for circulating the clip on the web and social networks. This Wednesday, October 27, it was more than 9,700 views.

“It allows us to forget the handicap, this Yannick. You actually live again. You might say to yourself that I have a disability, but there is hope, another life and everyone is doing it. That’s what’s interesting about this kind of project. “

Everyone is hoping Grand Corps Malade sees the clip and are now waiting for their response.