As announced yesterday, Agony developers are showing their next game, Paranoid, in the video above showing the gameplay concept.

True to themselves, their new project will be a survival horror with tits. According to them, the game will combine a deep and psychological story with a brutal and dynamic gameplay. The screenplay is based on a Sunday afternoon TV movie M6: You play as Patrick Calman, a man with a destroyed psyche living in his apartment since his parents died violently and his sister is missing. Thirteen years after her disappearance, she made a call to Patoche to announce her return. In order to discover the truth, he will have to come out of his cocoon and face terrible experiences that will lead him to the limit of madness … TIN TIN TIIIIIIN ! Come on, I bet he's the murderer.

The game still has no release date set and is currently only scheduled on Steam. Even if what is shown to us looks better than Agony, Paranoid will have a hard time getting rid of the rancid smell that surrounds Madmind productions.


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