A video where Ally from OD Martinique picks up Jamie from OD Chez Nous without any filter resurfaces

SEP 17, 2022 AT 11:04 AM E. DEMERS

Recently, a video resurfaced where Ally, the first trans contestant ofFROMwhich participates in OD Martiniqueharshly attacks Jamie fromOD With Us.

Here is what she said, followed by the famous video:

“Jamie, if you ever listen to this, stop drinking, stop spending on nonsense, save up for brooches, and get your face fixed.” I think you have to, ok.

What happened with Éloïse and worse, when she cheated and they wanted to kick Vincent out, I found that really bad for Noémie because I thought she didn’t deserve that. In fact, Noémie had almost been kicked out because of Éloïse. Makes it sure that once again I felt like maybe strangling…”

She is not going with a dead hand. 😬

Source: L’informateurqc