A virtual roundtable on the invisible work of immigrant women

EVENT. The citizens of the MRC de Drummond are invited to participate in a virtual round table about cultural codes on the invisible work of immigrant women and their mental burden, presented on November 9 at 7 p.m. by the Table de concertation du Mouvement des Femmes du Center -du-Quebec (TCMFCQ).

The organizers, Sonia Gagnon and Johanna Martinez, aim to shed light on the challenges that immigrant women can face on a daily basis and which hinder the path to equality for all women.

“It is important that immigrant women and also men are made aware of this reality since it keeps women in an unfavorable position in their daily life,” says Sonia Gagnon.

“It takes a long time to change mentalities, which is why it is important to continue to talk about it”, adds her colleague Johanna Martinez.

The Institut de la statistique du Québec showed in 2015 that women performed, on average, 7 hours of domestic work more than their husbands. In March 2020, in the context of International Women’s Day, the provincial deputies adopted a motion recognizing the contribution, to Quebec society, of invisible and unpaid work by women.

The round table proposed by the TCMFCQ makes it possible to begin a collective reflection on the obstacles and opportunities that immigrant women encounter in the context of life in Quebec.

Remember that this event is the second edition of Come and Live in Quebec.

How the evening will go

The meeting will be presented in the form of an interview, moderated by Sonia Gagnon. The audience is invited to listen to the women’s presentations and participate by asking questions throughout the discussion. The activity is free and is open to everyone.

This round table is presented within the framework of the sectoral development agreement in equality between men and women. This activity is made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Secrétariat à la condition feminine, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the MRC d’Arthabaska.

In order to receive the link to participate, it is necessary to register via the following link: