A vulture hit a plane before landing and the photo went viral

Fortunately, the image appears to be much more serious and dangerous than the situation actually was. And is that the photo of a vulture large crashed against the front of a airplane of passengers who were preparing to land in Spain, has traveled around the world and, a priori, appears as a near-tragedy.

A vulture hit a plane before landing and the photo went viral. Photo: 20minutos.esBy: Photo: 20minutos.es

Happened in Madrid, when an Airbus A350 was about to land at Adolfo Suárez -Barajas- airport after having departed from the Colombian city of Bogotá. As the aircraft began its descent, it hit head-on against an imposing vulture that was flying over the city, in the vicinity of the airspace.

As soon as the plane stepped onto the mainland, some airport workers alerted the situation and even photographed the shocking postcard in which the vulture was seen in its entirety starry in front of the front of the plane.

No consequences

The airport authorities immediately intervened in the situation and activated the various security protocols. However, from the first moment they confirmed that the peculiar accident did not mean any failure or risk for the normal operation of the plane.

And it is that, as a consequence of the collision, the impact against the bird broke part of the fiber dome that covers the radar antenna of the plane, although it is an easy-to-replace material.

“We have found out absolutely nothing. When we have landed, there they have taught us the Photo“Said one of the passengers on the flight involved in dialogue with the Spanish media 20 minutes.