A wave of inflation swept the American South. There are surprising reasons for this

It’s boiling again in the American South. This time, the reason is not race riots or a collapsing real estate market, but inflation. In the southern states, this is significantly above the average of the US countries. There are several reasons, including worse public transport infrastructure.

The cities of the so-called “southern belt”, i.e. from Florida to Arizona, experienced during the coronavirus pandemic the largest influx of new residents seeking a warmer climate for quarantine life. Now these cities are experiencing the worst inflation in the country. Coincidentally, these are the places that fourteen years ago started the biggest real estate crisis in the history of the United States.

Average August inflation in the US reached 8.3 percent. Prices for a number of items are at an all-time high. IN but the southern part of the United States is closer to ten percent. In July, inflation in the so-called Southern region, as defined by the US Bureau of Statistics (BLS), reached 9.4 percent. Conversely, in the Northeast region, which includes New York, Boston and Philadelphia, it was the lowest in the entire United States – 7.3 percent.

Migration kicked up inflation

The reasons for regional differences can be partially explained can be traced to the costs of gasoline and electricity, which have risen sharply since the beginning of the year. Because most cities in the American South depend on cars and air conditioning, these costs make up a larger portion of consumer spending in that region.

Central banks will cause a recession, say economists. It’s a goal, not a bug


Several major central banks will raise interest rates this week. Again. And probably violently again. At the same time, the current increase in rates reduces the growth of individual economies, and according to many economists, a recession can no longer be avoided. However, this is not a mistake, but a feature, according to central bankers. They are trying to siphon off some of the money that is causing the current inflation from the financial world.

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And just like in 2008, housing plays a crucial role – this time through the rental housing market, which is a major contributor to overall inflation. The influx of new residents in recent years is partly to blame, pushing prices up faster than the national average.

In Phoenix, Arizona’s capital city, rents rose 21 percent year over year. In Miami, the price of rental housing rose by about 14 percent. For city dwellers across the country, rents increased by just 6.3 percent.

Based on consumer price data, personal finance website WalletHub compared the 23 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. All of the metropolitan areas in the top five—Phoenix, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, Dallas—are located in the southern region of the United States.

In last place is Anchorage, Alaska, followed by the San Francisco area and New York. Even before the pandemic, these cities had a high cost of living, which could explain the lower price growth compared to the rest of the country.

New York

Five of the richest cities in the world are in the US. Austin and Dubai are rising in the ranking


The highest number of dollar millionaires, centenarians and billionaires in the world live in New York. In the ranking compiled by the consulting company Henley & Partners, half of the top ten cities to which the wealthiest move are in the USA, China has two representatives, Japan, Great Britain and Singapore have one each. Compared to the previous ranking, there is a noticeable rise in the American cities of Austin and Houston, which is related to the move of Bit Tech companies from California, as well as Riyadh and Dubai, CNBC reported.

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Real estate prices rose by tens of percent

Many of the cities with the highest inflation have been migration hotspots during the pandemic, with people fleeing the northeastern United States and parts of California for cheaper real estate elsewhere in the country, especially where it’s not too cold.

For example, Florida and Arizona recorded some of the largest population gains in 2021, adding about 221 and 93 thousand residents, respectively, thanks to domestic migration. Phoenix and Tampa, which top the inflation charts, welcomed the most newcomers.

“As people basically flocked to these areas in the south, it drove up the demand for housing and the supply wasn’t keeping up,” Corcoran Realtor Carlos Bravo told Newstream.

A large influx of new residents from the most expensive places in the United States, such as New York or parts of California, to cheaper places in the South has already pushed up prices so much that this cities are not as affordable as they were at the beginning of the covid pandemic.

Although the real estate market has cooled somewhat due to rising mortgage rates, all of WalletHub’s top-ranked areas have seen home prices rise 15 to 30 percent in the past year, according to data from online brokerage Redfin.

Joe Biden, US President

The covid pandemic is over, Biden said, blasting Republicans


US President Joe Biden’s spontaneous remark that the United States has won the fight against the covid pandemic has complicated the still unsuccessful effort to get congressional approval to fund more vaccines.

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purchase (illustrative photo)

What is inflation in Europe or the US? Decades old records are falling


Not only the Czechia is struggling with rapidly rising inflation, but also dozens of countries around the world, and a number of countries are reporting double-digit increases in June and July and the highest values ​​for decades – in the Czech Republic, August was the second highest since 1993. In Slovakia, it is the highest since 2000 , in Britain and the USA since the beginning of the eighties, in Germany one of the highest since the oil crisis at the turn of 1973 and 1974, in the Eurozone since the introduction of the euro in 1999. Turkish inflation even reached a 24-year high of 80.2 percent in August. Central banks therefore raise key interest rates, but this often means a reduction in economic growth. See an overview of inflation rates in the world.

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Money, illustration photo

It’s just falling, the dollar is rising, the koruna on steroids. What is going on with those currencies?


The world is changing, a deep recession is expected and central banks are turning their monetary policies around. As a result, the world’s currencies are going on a rollercoaster ride where they haven’t been in years. What will it lead to?

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All about inflation

Inflation scarecrow. What causes it? How to defend against her? How to invest, where to save savings, where there are decent interest rates, which bonds are worth it? How do the state, the government and the CNB fight inflation? Who and why increases the price and how much? How to cope with price increases? Is it the right time to get a mortgage, will interest rates rise or fall, and for what reason? Context, tips, hints, warnings.

High inflation troubles not only the Czechia, but also other European countries and the United States. See the overview in the world.

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