A wet T-shirt and bikini, that’s all Hailey Bieber needs to make Instagram explode

Not so long ago, Hailey, Justin Bieber’s wife, made some remarkable statements about the couple’s sex life. You can read this again here. And now she’s stepping into the spotlight once again, albeit in a slightly different way…

In the article about Hailey’s sex confessions you could also read that many fans of Selena Gomez (Justin Bieber’s ex) are not Hailey’s best friends. After all, those fans say that Hailey caused the break between Justin and Selena. Hailey always gets a lot of hate messages on her social media posts.

But Justin’s other half doesn’t seem to care much about that because she keeps sharing (delicious) pictures. She recently posted some photos showing her in a wet T-shirt and bikini. And that was all it took to make her Instagram explode. You can sit and gawk at the snaps below. Click on the arrow to the right to see them all.

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2023-05-29 06:28:00