A woman denounced “smell of blood” in San Rafael: her neighbor slaughtered a horse

A woman reported that in her neighbor’s house she heard “disturbing noises and smell of blood“. When the Police arrived, they confirmed that at the indicated address a man had slaughtered a horse and was apprehended, in addition to kidnapping elements.

According to the Mendoza Ministry of Security, the event occurred this Wednesday afternoon. The South Delegation of the Rural Security Police carried out rural prevention tasks, they are displaced through 911 (CEO San Rafael), to Calle Olmos at 3070 in the El Sosneado neighborhood of San Rafael. A neighbor reportedthe existence of annoying noises and a strong smell of blood” that comes from the denounced address of his neighbor.

As a consequence, the troops verified through the dividing wall that there was a fully slaughtered horsehaving to inform the prosecutor on duty, who arranged for the home search to be carried out” and entered the house.

Thus they found the slaughtered horse.

The seized knives.

The owner is interviewed, the citizen Rodrigo L. (43), who was accompanied by another subject, proceeding to the apprehension of both people. The subjects were transferred to court.

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The officers also seized “an eviscerated equine, sEis large knivesand firearm 16 gauge single barrel balancea softener meat, one plain sharpening and a axe“.

Another of the seized items.

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There was also a firearm.

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