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A woman filmed throwing puppies in the dustbin at Coachella scandalizes the canvas (VIDEO)

Filmed last week throwing a litter of puppies in a dumpster, this woman arrested for animal abuse has more than thirty dogs in her home.

These are images that caused a stir on the other side of the Atlantic last week. As the temperature approached 32 ° C on April 18 in Coachella, California, a surveillance camera overhanging a dumpster witnessed a scene that was barely believable.

After getting out of her car, a woman with plastic bags was filmed as she headed for the garbage cans to throw her garbage, as you can see in the video at the head of the article. Except that it was not ordinary rubbish here, but seven puppies barely three days old, of which Deborah Sue Culwell, 54, had the idea to get rid of this way. saved in extremis A few hours later, by a passer-by who was passing by, the baby dogs, then sheltered in a shelter, happily escaped certain death.

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As for the American, thinking that his act would remain unpunished, it was a surprise to be stopped at his home on Monday, April 22 by the authorities who were able to identify it through video surveillance images. However, when the police came to knock on his door, they again made an incredible discovery …

At the age of 50, they found no less than 38 other dogs crammed into a confined space, which did not fail to further aggravate the case of the accused, who is now facing seven counts of cruelty to animals.


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