A woman flies through the air after her motorboat explodes

A woman was blown up in an explosion in the port of Ponza in Italy. The moment was recorded in a video that is going viral, but despite the scare, no one was injured.

One of the port security cameras took the video. You can see how the stern of a boat explodes and the woman who was refueling flies through the air.


The woman flies -literal- and ends up falling into the water. While an operator who was helping her at that moment in the maneuvers loses her balance, jumps and also ends up in the water.

Shortly after you can see how some people come to the pier to see what happened.

You can also see how the wife’s husband, on board the boat, appears from the stern and -in a comedic step- slips and falls into the water. While the daughter, who was with them, jumps into the water so that the flames do not catch her. Then a second explosion is registered.


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