A woman from Olomouc wanted to sell a bed for a few hundred crowns, she lost a quarter of a million

According to the police, the woman published an offer to sell the bed for 500 crowns on the advertising portal earlier this week. Shortly after the publication of the advertisement, the interested party responded to it with a request to sell through the postal service.

“Then the advertiser sent a link that was supposed to pay for the goods offered. After clicking on the link, the woman was redirected to a site through which she tried unsuccessfully to log in to her internet banking. On Tuesday, she found out that a total of 250,000 crowns had disappeared from her account in several payments, “said a police spokeswoman.

According to her, the police initiated criminal proceedings on suspicion of committing the crime of unauthorized action, counterfeiting and alteration of the means of payment and the offense of theft. “In the event of apprehension and conviction, the perpetrator is threatened to stay behind bars for up to eight years,” Vaňharová stated.

According to her, whoever sells something over the Internet should be sharpened whenever the applicant tries to persuade him to follow non-standard procedures. “Under no circumstances should you open the links sent in this regard, do not proceed with the payment of arrears, overpayments or deposits, and do not enter your payment details anywhere at all,” a police spokeswoman added to the counsel.