a woman gives birth standing in the middle of a parking lot! (video)

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You can’t really stop nature. When she went to a birth house to give birth in a bath, Susan had no choice but to give birth to her baby … in the parking lot of the establishment. The mother, accompanied by her husband Joseph, did not have time to go inside. A scene that was filmed by surveillance cameras from Natural BirthWorks in South Florida.

On the images, we can therefore see Susan standing up to be taken care of by a midwife while the infant points the tip of her nose. Two police officers also attend the delivery: ” You need help ? “, one of the two agents drops.

“Babies sometimes arrive very quickly… and you have to be quick, put on your gloves and go for it. I have already experienced crazy births, but this is a first! “, commented on the midwife with NewsChannel 5.



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