A woman in St. Petersburg sent criticism of the invasion from the radio on the windowsill, a policeman climbed up to her balcony

In a recording made by Irina Kustova of St. Petersburg on Putin’s speech at the end of World War II, a Ukrainian woman compared the behavior of Russian soldiers in Ukraine to what the Nazis had done during World War II.

Kustova also released a song by Russian singer Vladimir Vysocky entitled Soldiers of the Center Group, the text of which talks about how Nazi soldiers march across Ukraine’s “burnt plain”. Kustova was fined for allegedly discrediting the Russian army.

Another police officer and a woman’s neighbor helped the policeman who arrested Kustova climb on her balcony. As soon as the policeman found himself on the balcony, he started digging into the door separating the balcony from the apartment. He shouted at Kustova: “Open up!” At the same time, a neighbor warned the police officer to be careful, because Kustova is “huge”. The video from the intervention the day after that was published on Twitter by the investigative portal Perm 36.6.

During the trial, Kustova pleaded guilty and said she did not know about the criminal responsibility for disseminating information “discrediting soldiers.” She also said that she wanted to listen to army songs and did not expect the words “degrading the dignity and honor of Russian soldiers” to appear on the record. The court’s press office stated that the woman “does not have a television and watches what is happening on the Internet.”