A woman on drugs murdered her daughter, she faces an exceptional punishment

She stabbed her in the shoulders as well. The defendant refused to testify at the Olomouc Regional Court today. She faces an exceptional punishment.

The case took place last August 14 in one of Přerov’s flats, according to the indictment, she was killed after previous use of meth. She first inflicted dozens of punches on the child’s face and head. “After repeatedly beating the minor, she rubbed her arms around her neck, then wrapped the cord around her neck and strangled her, and then stabbed the minor sixteen times in the face and shoulder with scissors,” said prosecutor Alice Ondrášková. The child suffered massive injuries, including brain swelling. She died on the spot, the immediate cause of death was bleeding from a wound in her heart.

An unemployed woman living on benefits and alimony refused to testify in court, but in the pre-trial proceedings she described that she had taken meth together with her acquaintance, who had visited her the night before the tragedy. She allegedly took the second dose she received from him herself. “I felt strange states that I had never had, I had confusion in my head and the little one woke up to it. I was out, I was afraid that there was something in the apartment, I wanted to run away with her, “the defendant described.

She said she had no idea where she was, and she felt that Satan’s hairy hand was reaching for her. “Then I woke up in the infirmary and asked for my daughter,” she said. The court found that the woman regularly used meth from 16 to 19 years of age. She stopped when she became pregnant and started taking drugs again after breaking up with a boyfriend. According to experts, she was not under the influence of alcohol on the fateful day, in addition to meth, they also found her taking medication.

According to the residents of the house, the arrival of the police was preceded by the confused behavior of the child’s mother, witnesses then said that she was running around the cellar. For the police officers who were on the scene, this was one of the worst cases they had ever experienced in their careers. Criminal investigators filed charges in June this year, waiting for the results of expert opinions to close the case. In the end, it turned out that the woman was responsible for her actions. The woman was charged in the strictest paragraph, she committed the murder according to criminal investigators in a particularly cruel or torturous way.

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