A woman's journey over a bramble bush during a walk leads to a devastating fourth-stage cancer diagnosis


An animal lover has revealed that tripping over a blackberry strand during a dog walk has led to a shattering diagnosis of fourth-degree cancer. Rachel Watkins, 40, walked with her dogs near her home in Okehampton, Devon when she fell and shook her right. She was able to drag herself back to her car, where she called for help and was taken to Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. A scan showed that a tumor in her hip joint grew and faded over time. The research concluded that she did indeed have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that had spread to the hips and ribs.
Forty-year-old pet lover Rachel Watkins suffered a hip pain and fatigue for one year before her devastating fall as she walked on a dog near her home in Okehampton, Devon
Miss Watkins' scan at the hospital immediately after her fall showed where a tumor had eaten on her hipbone (circled). Later investigations have shown that breast cancer had spread to stage 4
Miss Watkins' girlfriend, who is still recovering and walking with crutches, runs Abi Hall (left) on the South Devon Trail Marathon to raise money to fulfill a lifelong wish of Miss Watkins – to feed whales before her condition photographing the wild becomes too strong
Miss Watkins had a complete hip replacement and bone graft and still needs to use hormone to keep the cancer out. But she was devastated when she could not have children. Miss Watkins, who had previously practiced as a veterinarian – using her hands like a chiropractor to alleviate joint, muscle and bone problems, had hip pain for a year and there were some signs that she remembered that She felt very tired and changed her deodorant because she had an itchy armpit and frequent pain in her right hip, especially on the night she suspected that it was a bursitis, in which the joints were tender and swollen are. especially since it wore off after a month. "I was so tired before all this happened, but I've made it my mission to be independent and work," said Miss Watkins. "I started running with my dogs in 2016. Sudden, severe pain, back in the right hip," she said, "but because it got better with the recovery, I thought it was a simple sports injury." That changed for Miss Watkins forever, when she went for a walk with her dogs on March 9. 2017. She continued: & # 39; I remember so well, it was a breathtaking spring day so I could not resist taking the dogs out. "Me I knew I stumbled over some blackberry bushes and landed on my right leg, the pain was like nothing I've ever experienced, that wanted to faint me, I knew that something catastrophic had happened. "I knew I was in trouble but I could not stand calling for help without knowing that my dogs were safe, friends say it was typical for me, but I did not think properly and did not want that they are left alone because God knows how long. "Neither I nor the paramedics have any idea how I managed to drag myself into the car and put the dogs in there, but I did. After she was sure her pets were safe, Miss Watkins phoned for help and was taken directly to a hospital for X-ray and CT scan. "The doctors told me that my hip joint was as fragile as an eggshell, and the case had shaken it," recalls Watkins. Tragically, not only had she fractured her pelvis and smashed her hips, she had also discovered a number of tumors. Further investigation had revealed that she actually had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that had spread to the hips and ribs.
"The doctors told me that my hip joint was so fragile that it was like an eggshell, and the case had destroyed it," recalls Miss Watkins. Above the hip in the hospital
Miss Watkins X Ray, when she was hospitalized for the first time, shows where her femoral head "pushed" the broken bone
Miss Watkins had a complete hip replacement and a bone graft. Subsequently, a metal plate and a net cage were attached to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital to strengthen their limbs
After being diagnosed, Miss Watkins began radiotherapy and hormone therapy to control her cancer rather than cure it. Miss Watkins on her first day out in six weeks while in the hospital. Further tests showed that the cancer had actually started in my left breast. When they told me, I just stopped with a shock. I did not cry, I was almost calm – but no nice rest. "The primary tumor was in my left breast, which was malignant and hormonally susceptible, and a few other nodules that turned out to be benign. I had no idea if I was there, "she explained. "That was really shocking, as we all imagine lumps are pretty obvious." The doctors were amazing. As soon as they broke the news, they asked if I needed anything. I joked, "A stiff drink" – but they bought me the next day in a bottle of whiskey. "After her diagnosis, Miss Watkins began radiotherapy and hormone therapy in the form of Letrozole tablets and Zoladex implants. Initially, it was feared that surgery was not a viable option because of the severity of her case, which meant she lost walking ability Fortunately, orthopedic surgeons were able to end up operating in Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. In April 2017, she had a complete hip replacement set and a bone graft, then a metal plate and a mesh cage were added to strengthen her limbs. "I'm still not fully recovered. I went from walking with a crutches rack to one, but I still need regular physiotherapy and bone strengthening treatments, "she said." I still have hormone treatment, but because I'm classified as grade 4. It's more, the cancer to keep him at bay rather than heal him. "One of the hardest parts of all is that he has destroyed any chance that I have children. Being a mother has always been a dream of mine, but now that the prognosis is so uncertain, it's just not an option. "
Ms. Hall set up a GoFundMe page for Miss Watkins prior to the South Devon Trail Marathon in February. Fearing that her time would be limited, Miss Watkins, now unable to work, wanted to fulfill a lifelong desire to have whales photographed in the wild. Her friend Abi Hall made the remarkable offer to work the strains South Devon Trail Marathon to raise money for Miss Watkins so she can visit either Canada, Sri Lanka or Mexico before her condition worsens. Before the race in February 2019, Mrs. Hall has set up a GoFundMe page for donations and has even recruited a number of Miss Watkins' relatives for 5km, 10km and half marathon races. Abi is such an incredible woman. Although she's one of my newer friends, she's one of the most supportive people I know, "said Miss Watkins. "I'm so humble with what she's doing." Now I'm working on the biannual scans I'm doing, but I'm worried that things could change anytime, so it would mean being able to do world to my dream live while I still can. "If my life is short, why should not I have those memories right now?" Miss Watkins also plans to donate excess money to Children With Cancer charity UNITED KINGDOM. She also hopes that by sharing her story she will encourage other people to be examined when her health changes. "I think we live in a culture where we all drive one million kilometers an hour, and fatigue is expected when it's actually the biggest indicator that something is wrong."


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