A work-study business school in Dijon

(Credit: JDP)

It was a former student who opened this new “work-study business school” in Dijon. Christie Le Bihan joined the Pigier group eight years ago as part of her bac+5 work-study program in human resources. “I started as a recruitment officer on the Pigier Nice campus,” she recalls. And finally, at the end of this alternation, I had a job offer “. Training advisor for five years, she then joined the Pigier campus in Dammarie-lès-Lys, in Seine-et-Marne.

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“I have always worked for the Eduservices group and after seven years, I questioned myself, I wanted to leave the network of schools in direct management to create my own campus under franchise”, says Christie Le Bihan, who finally preferred Dijon to Clermont-Ferrand to follow her husband, freshly recruited by the DFCO. Located at number 8 avenue Jean Bertin, in the heart of the Technological Park, the new Dijon Pigier campus opened its doors at the start of the school year in September to some 130 students from baccalaureate to bac+5 level.

Cash of 300,000 euros for the start

Special feature of these courses? “From baccalaureate to bac+5, all training is alternating with a rhythm of two days of training and three days in the company up to bac+3, then a week of training and three weeks in the company for bac+4 and bac +5. » Two state diplomas (BTS Operational Commercial Management and Management Accounting) as well as five state-certified titles (a bac+2 assistant and executive assistant, a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in human resources and a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in trade) are offered today.

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On 800 square meters, seven classrooms have already been fitted out and eight should be by the start of the next school year. “We will open in 2023, two new bac +3 (accounting and financial manager and digital communication) and a state diploma of medical secretary”, announces Christie Le Bihan. A global project that required a certain investment: “There is such a cash gap, that it is better to have 300,000 euros aside, to start”.