A world of pain awaits the Turkish economy in 2019 Naseem News, quoting Al-Mawtani newspaper, we publish a world of pain waiting for the Turkish economy in 2019, a world of pain awaits the Turkish economy in 2019. Pain awaits the Turkish economy in 2019.

Moody's confirmed that "a world of pain" awaits the Turkish economy during the coming year, especially after the recording of the Turkish lira the worst performance this year.

Bloomberg quoted Moody's as saying that the lira declines this year would translate into severe economic problems as growth slows in developed and emerging markets.

Moody's predicted that the Turkish economy will shrink in the first half of next year as lira prices fall and borrowing costs rise. "Inflation and the sharp increase in borrowing costs are likely to affect household purchasing power, private consumption and investment," Moody's said.

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Source : Citizen newspaper


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