A yacht with four people caught fire in the Nemunas – What’s going on in Kaunas

A voyage on the Nemunas near Kaunas Lagoon turned into a rescue operation on Saturday evening. When the yacht got tired of the open flames, people resting and fishing right on the water stretched out their help. Four victims of a burning boat were delivered to the hospital.

The first news about the disaster reached the Nemunas news portal at about 10 pm. The reader reported that the ship caught fire at the village of Piliuona, and a large number of firefighters and medics were working at the scene.

According to the Kaunas Fire and Rescue Board (PGV), a report about a boat burning in Kruonis eldership near Lapainia village was registered on June 25, at 20.53.

9:10 p.m. When the first fire brigade arrived, the yacht Tora Inka burned in the Nemunas River. Fishermen had already rescued four victims, two girls and two boys, from the burning ship and sailed ashore.

The victims were taken to a medical institution. According to the data of Kaunas PGV, all the parts of the flammable yacht burned down, the incident is being investigated.

The incident was filmed and Kaunas residents who fished nearby helped the disasters reach the shore. “Take care of yourself and those you ride with. Because you have to hear two events a day, and see one up close and help people who have been burned, ”warned the reader of” What’s Going on in Kaunas “.

The woman who sent the material urged people with pleasure boats to be careful and make sure it would pass under high-voltage wires, but so far there are no confirmed data that the disaster in the Nemunas is related to the power line, as of Friday’s incident in Elektrėnai pond.

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