A young American will be able to study medicine thanks to winning the lottery

Education is one of the pillars in the life of any person. During the first years of life, each one is opting for tastes and hobbies and the school serves to guide the skills of each person towards a certain professional career. However, not everyone can study what you wish.

Sometimes because the grade necessary to study the chosen career is not achieved; others, because the economic situation of the family does not allow a child to go to university, especially if she has to leave her city. The truth is that being a university is not available to everyone, something that in the United States is even more difficult.

A woman wins 30 million to the lottery with the first ticket she buys in her life


There, most of the students they have to ask for credits to be able to meet the expenses of the degree, a money that later they return when they finish their studies and start working. But even with those loans that are available to most students, not everyone can pursue the education they have always wanted.

A magical dream

That was the case with Kaila Moore, a young woman who lives in Durham, a city in the North American state of North Carolina. Kaila always I had wanted to study medicine and she had gotten good grades in high school, but her family couldn’t afford to send their daughter to college.

Kaila had resigned himself to studying another career, since the average price of four years of Medicine in the United States is about 200,000 euros

Kaila had resigned herself to practically forgetting about the possibility of studying medicine since the average price of the four years of study is more than 200,000 dollars, about 180,000 euros to change. An amount too high for her and her family, which had made her consider other types of studies in the near future.

However, on Saturday August 5, Kaila had a dream. Woke up early on Sunday after that night dreamed that he had won the lottery. And she did it convinced that it had been a premonition, so as soon as she spoke with her mother and explained what she had dreamed of, she took the car and went to the nearest store … even though she had never bought before a ticket.

Scratch cards are very popular games in the United States and Canada.
Scratch cards are very popular games in the United States and Canada.

Arriving bought a scratch card, one of the traditional lottery tickets where you can win an instant win just by scratching the top of the ticket. But, despite the dream of the previous day and the fact that she was convinced that this ticket was going to change her life, she returned home to live the moment with her mother.

Lottery to study Medicine

When he got home, his mother was waiting for him and together they scratched at the ticket. As he explained to News Observer, the impression they got from seeing the award was incredible. Zeros began to appear on the ticket and they realized that Kaila was one of the winners of all six of her awards. 100,000 dollars, about 90,000 euros To the change.

Photo: The group won the millionaire prize with an automatic computer bet (Photo: The Lott)
A group of friends become a millionaire with the lottery after years of trying

The confidential

Kaila acknowledges that her mother “was more excited and nervous than me” when she realized the implications of the award. The most important is that, now, this young woman will be able to study medicine to become tomorrow a prestigious doctor, the dream she had cherished all her life and which she had been about to give up.

He assures that the prize money will go entirely to pay the medical insurance and the expenses of his career: “I always wanted to study medicine and it is not a cheap career”. Of the $ 100,000 prize, taxes take almost 30 percent, so Kalia will eventually enter $ 70,500, about 65,000 euros to change.

He had never bought a lottery ticket before, but he dreamed that he was going to win it and did not think twice

Kalia Moore dreamed that she was going to win the lottery and she didn’t think twice. $ 20 was spent on a Gold Rush game ticket, which offers three jackpots of 4 million and another six of $ 100,000. Thanks to that faith, he will be able to study the career he always wanted and become the medical professional he always wanted because dreams sometimes come true.

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