A young man from Écija claims a million euros from the Government after being left in a wheelchair due to the effects of the Covid-19 vaccine

A 19-year-old young man from Écija has filed a claim for which he demands one million euros as compensation for the injuries he suffers as a result of the second vaccine against Covid-19which have left him in a wheelchair and with a recognized degree of disability of 84 percent.

As reported by lawyer Fernando Osuna in a statement, his client needs two hours of help from a third person for cleaning after defecating, to dry the legs from the thighs to the feet after showering, to cut hard food with a knife, etc.

In his claim for patrimonial liability against the Public Administration, to which this newspaper has had access, he exposes his condition as an adverse reaction to vaccination against the coronavirus.

He was vaccinated for the second dose on September 23, 2021 (the first dose was twenty days earlier). Then he began to suffer paresthesias and small sensory disturbances with weakness in both arms to which he did not attach importance, according to his lawyer in said claim, since he attributed them to the side effects of the vaccine, but in December 2021 he began to suffer motor disturbances in his legs and pain in his back that worsened until he was completely unable to walk and forced him to go to the emergency room. Ecija High Resolution Hospital on December 13.

One day later, he was admitted to Neurology at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, where he would remain until January 5, 2022. After the corresponding treatment and diagnostic study, he was transferred from the Neurology ward to the Spinal Cord Injury Unit with the following diagnosis: “Incomplete spinal cord injury of C6 right/C5 left level of medical cause probably related to inflammatory versus vascular etiology (less probable although moderate response to treatment, diffusion restriction with little inflammatory and CSF expression, frequently cryptogenic)” . She was discharged from said medical service in August.

But on the 11th of that same month, he was diagnosed by the Neurology Service of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville with transverse myelitis in Temporal relationship with the second dose of the Covid vaccine. On day 26, he was discharged with the diagnosis of “incomplete spinal cord injury of sensory level C7 right/C6 left, and motor level C7 right and C8 left of medical cause probably related to inflammatory etiology.”

As a result of the injuries suffered after the vaccine, according to his lawyer in the claim filed with the Ministry of Health, he has been recognized a degree of disability 84% by resolution of the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Social Inclusion, Youth, Families and Equality.

«Is able to walk about three steps. He has motor clumsiness in his hands. Define sensory impairment from the middle of the left thorax downward. Sphincter alteration. If it defines visual alteration».

He recalls in his claim that he was discharged from the Neurology Service in August 2022, eight months after the diagnosis, despite the fact that, as stated in the report of March 16, 2023, it is stated in the Plan of Performance: should stay in rehab. The degree of recovery can be expected until the first year.

It turns out that when the Discharge is issued by the Neurology Service, the Public Health System does not cover the cost of rehabilitation treatment, therefore, since September 2022, he has been going to the Brain Damage Rehabilitation Center in Seville, for which you must travel from Écija, that is, about 90 kilometers away. For this rehabilitative treatment, he has already paid more than six thousand euros, without counting the fuel. The lawyer of this young man, in his claim to Health, indicates that each and every one of the legal and jurisprudential requirements are met for him to be compensated by the State in a total amount of 935,740 euros.

2023-06-02 08:19:17

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