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A1 F .: Semi-final 3. Conegliano is the first finalist championship. 3-1 at Monza

IMOCO CONEGLIANO – SAUGELLA MONZA 3-1 (22-25 25-20 25-19 25-14)
IMOCO VOLLEY CONEGLIANO: Hill 15, De Kruijf 20, Wolosz, Sylla 6, Folie 5, Fabris 19, De Gennaro (L), Danesi 4, Lowe 4, Tirozzi 3, Moretto, Bechis. Do not enter: Fersino, Rodriguez. Allar Santarelli.
SAUGELLA TEAM MONZA: Hancock 3, Ortolani 16, Adams 5, Orthmann 10, Melandri 4, Buijs 13, Arcangeli (L), Bianchini 1, Begic, Devetag. Do not enter: Bonvicini, Balboni, Facchinetti. Falasca All.
REFEREES: Frapiccini, Canessa.
NOTES – Attendance: 4131, Set duration: 26 ′, 27 ′, 31 ′, 26 ′; Tot: 110 ′.

CONEGLIANO – TheImoco Conegliano is the first female Serie A1 championship finalist. The Venetians have eliminated Monza from the Semifinal series also winning race 3 and now they will be able to start thinking about the final that will start on May 1st against the winner of the series between Novara and Scandicci. There fourth final championship in its history.

The coach girls are too strong and concentrated Santarelli for a Saugella Monza that sees its positive season end today, against an Imoco that in seven seasonal challenges against Brianza lost only 3 sets.

Tonight, however, in a Palaverde packed from beyond 4000 spectators the champions of Italy have suffered and had to fight unlike the one-way course of the first two races.

In the first set the Saugella has put forward its talent from the beginning, finding important blows from Buijs is Ortolani. The break 15-18 propitiated by a wall of Adams launches the Brianza, Conegliano responds with the lines of Tirozzi (taken over by Sylla) and the speed of Folie (now the owner), but it also makes itself felt Melandri that with the help of Ortolani (16 points at the end) manages to close by 22-25.

In the second part Conegliano arranged things a bit limiting errors (10 in the first set) and finding high-quality winning solutions with Sam Fabris (19 points and 3 walls at the end) and a fantastic De Kruijf (8 points in the set with 75% in attack and 2 walls), winning 25-20. In the third set the visiting team pushes with Hancock and Orthmann and puts the chills to the home crowd taking the advantage until 17-18, then the Panthers tighten their shirts with the insertion from the bench of Tirozzi and Danesi and place a break devastating of 8-1 for the closing 25-19 which makes Palaverde sigh with relief.

In the fourth set, Imoco does not discount and it seems to have returned to the first two games, with the Panthers in total control. First Fabris and a sumptuous Kim Hill (15 points) dig the furrow, then Lowe, Bechis and Moretto also enter, until the closing of a Robin De Kruijf in format MVP (20 points and 6 walls with 60% in attack) for the 25-14 that sends the Panthers in the final.

Now Conegliano is waiting to meet the opponent of the Scudetto Final that will come out of the other semi-final between Novara and Scandicci.


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