A8 closure between Merklingen and Mühlhausen: traffic jam threatens all weekend

At the weekend, road users in the southwest need strong nerves: A blocking of the A8 in the direction of Stuttgart between Merklingen and Müllhausen, which has been in place since Thursday evening, is already causing traffic jams on Friday afternoon. Traffic services report around 3:30 p.m. 7 kilometers of traffic jams in front of the exit. If possible, long-distance traffic should switch to the A7 and A6 from the Ulm/Elchingen junction. Alternative routes such as the B10 in the Geislingen area are also heavily used.

Patience is also required in the opposite direction: The traffic on the A8 towards Munich is even heavier on Friday afternoon: 10 kilometers of traffic jams are reported between Kirchheim Teck-Ost and Tunnel Gruibingen, with a delay of up to one hour to be expected.

Traffic experts are forecasting heavy travel for the whole weekend: In some federal states, the summer holidays are already ending, from Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria more travelers are setting off on vacation by car, where the third week of vacation is beginning. That fills the long-distance routes heavily. According to forecasts by the Auto Club Europa (ACE) and the ADAC, road users will have to be prepared for stop-and-go traffic and lots of traffic jams. Nevertheless, the weekend should therefore be “a little quieter” than the previous weekend.

A8 closure: from when to when?

The complete closure of the A8 in the direction of Stuttgart has been in effect since Thursday, August 11, 2022, at 10 p.m. and is to be lifted again on Monday, August 15, 2022 at 5 a.m. During the closure, traffic will be diverted in Merklingen and returned to the Autobahn in Mühlhausen. The reason for the closure is the renewal of the road surface on the Drackensteiner Hang. The narrow lane width is to be expanded: to a length of four kilometers. Around 32,000 square meters of road surface are to be renewed there.

Less traffic jams: Better to start driving during the week

According to forecasts, it will be at its busiest early on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. If you can, avoid driving on the weekends with traffic jams and go on vacation anti-cyclically, for example on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Peak travel times at weekends

  • Freitag: The ACE forecasts that commuter traffic will start nationwide in the early afternoon. The busiest times are between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Saturday: The classic holiday routes to the south, west or to the coasts of the North and Baltic Seas are busiest between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. According to the ACE, the return routes, especially in the north and north-west, should fill up from late morning until 6 p.m. The secondary routes are also loaded.

However, the additional truck holiday driving ban will continue to apply until the end of August, every Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • Sunday: The holiday traffic on the autobahns should be noticeable from the morning. The main travel times are between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Return travelers crowd the freeways in large numbers between late morning and evening. There is also a lot going on on the secondary routes throughout the day.

Traffic jams are expected on these highways

The car clubs keep traffic jams and delays at the weekend, especially in the metropolitan areas of Hamburg, Berlin, Rhine-Ruhr, Rhine-Main, Stuttgart, Münchenon the main and secondary routes to and from the coasts and on the following routes – often in both directions.

  • A 1 Cologne – Dortmund – Bremen – Hamburg – Lübeck
    A 2 Dortmund – Hannover – Berlin
  • A 3 Cologne – Frankfurt/Main – Würzburg – Nuremberg – Passau
  • A 4 Kirchheimer Dreieck – Bad Hersfeld – Erfurt – Dresden
  • A 5 Hattenbacher Dreieck – Darmstadt – Karlsruhe – Basel
  • A 6 Kaiserslautern – Mannheim – Heilbronn – Nuremberg
  • A 7 Flensburg – Hamburg – Hanover – Kassel – Würzburg – Ulm – Füssen/Reutte
  • A 8 Karlsruhe – Stuttgart – Munich – Salzburg
  • A 9 Berlin – Nuremberg – Munich
  • A 10 Berliner Ring
  • A 11 Berliner Ring – Dreieck Uckermark
  • A 19 Rostock – Dreieck Wittstock/Dosse
  • A 20 Lübeck – Rostock
  • A 23 Hamburg – Heide
  • A 24 Hamburg – Berlin
  • A 31 triangle Bunde – Empty
  • A 45 Olpe – Hagen
  • A 61 Mönchengladbach – Koblenz – Ludwigshafen
  • A 81 Heilbronn – Stuttgart – Singen
  • A 93 Rosenheim – Kiefersfelden
  • A 95/B2 Munich – Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • A 96 Kreuz Memmingen
  • A 99 Munich bypass

Lots of traffic also in Austria and Switzerland

The classic holiday and transit routes in Austria and in the Switzerland get full – not only on the return routes. Here, too, the rush to holiday areas has not yet ended.