A8 closure between Mühlhausen & Hohenstadt towards Munich

Between Mühlhausen im Täle and Hohenstadt, the A8 will have to be completely closed next weekend. In the direction of Munich, drivers have to accept detours.

Work on the Filstal Bridge is progressing and the A8 is now being completely closed in the direction of travel München necessary. At the same time, the Autobahn GmbH wants to use this closure to bring the Autobahn into shape. This would avoid additional closures of the A8 between Mühlhausen im Täle and Hohenstadt. But on a weekend traffic jams are likely to be inevitable.

“The Albaufstieg of the A8 is of central importance, not only for national traffic, but also for the neighboring communities,” Christine Baur-Fewson, director of the Autobahn GmbH Southwest branch, was quoted as saying in a statement on Friday. However, important upgrades to the infrastructure could not be carried out without restrictions.

Blocking of the A8 Albaufstieg takes place in stages

In order to inconvenience road users and residents as little as possible, the ascent to the Alb will be closed in stages. First of all, on Thursday, May 19, at around 10 a.m., the two motorway parking lots after the Mühlhausen junction will be closed for parking building materials and construction machinery.

From around 8 p.m. on May 19, a lane will be drawn in the direction of Munich between Mühlhausen im Täle and Hohenstadt; One lane is then available for traffic. A complete closure of this section in the direction of Munich will take place from Friday, May 20, at around 2 a.m. to Sunday, May 22, at around 10 p.m.

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Detour signposted during A8 closure

A detour will be signposted. A bypass via the A6 and the A7 is recommended for long-distance traffic. The Autobahn GmbH Southwest branch says it wants to ensure that no daily construction sites are set up on these routes during the closure.

The repair measures of the Autobahn GmbH Southwest branch include the upgrading of the bridge structure in the area of ​​the Mühlhausen junction, which was announced in mid-March, as well as work on the Todsburg bridge between the Mühlhausen junction and the Lämmerbuckel tunnel. This is where the link between the road and the structure is repaired, which compensates for movements and temperature fluctuations in the bridge. Work is also being carried out in the Lämmerbuckel tunnel. (THE)