AA Gent humiliates impotent Club Brugge: comic owngoal…

AA Gent seems ready for a wonderful Indian Summer. The blue and white troops of Hein Vanhaezebrouck provided a true goal fair and, under the impulse of the Tissoudali – Nurio duo, already finished 3-0 at halftime. Bruges had a dramatic afternoon in Ghent in which the Club defenders made a bad turn. At the hour it was game over for the national champion. The substitute Bezus juggled himself into the sixteen and left Mignolet without a chance. Vanaken softened but Depoitre took care of number five and an own-goal by Mechele brought the 6-1 on the scoreboard.

After the European qualification, the Ghent fans descended with fresh courage to the Ghelamco Arena. And they saw how Hein Vanhaezebrouck, with only De Sart instead of the injured Hjulsager, gave confidence to the same players who appeared at kick-off last Thursday. Newcomer Darko Lemajic dropped out in extremis. Compared to the home win against Beerschot, Philippe Clement brought Van Der Brempt and Mbamba ahead of Persyn and the suspended N’Soki.

A Battle of Flanders with a home crowd. That was a while ago because of corona. The home fans unpacked with blue smoke, banners and flags. The urge to bang in the Ghent stronghold along the Ringvaart was almost physically palpable. Moreover, both teams entered the field with equal enthusiasm and immediately looked for sixth gear. This resulted in an exciting opening quarter without a study round.

AA Gent was not in the least impressed by the Bruges visitors. The duo Depoitre – Tissoudali immediately took the lead. First Sobol was able to neutralize an outbreak of the Dutchman, but when Ngadeu played on the left a little later, the Angolan played on the reborn Tissoudali in the sixteen. Mbamba did not immediately know what to do with the situation and Tissoudali put the ball past a hopeless Mignolet. For a moment the Ghent party seemed to be canceled but after consultation with the VAR, ref Lambrechts awarded the goal to the Buffalos.

Photo: BELGA

A lot went wrong with the Bruges visitors and they could not immediately strike back. On the contrary. When Nurio went on an adventure in the hostile sixteen, he was knocked down by Mechele. Lambrechts seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then pointed resolutely to the dot. AA Gent and penalties are not always a successful combination, but De Sart showed himself very cool-blooded, misled Mignolet and immediately doubled Ghent’s lead (2-0).

Nurio in the role of finisher

Clement tried to fire on his team from the sidelines, but except for an infiltration from Sobol – Hanche-Olsen intervened sharply – Club could barely make an appearance near Bolat. And then the Bruges defenders started messing around again. Mata and Van Der Brempt interfered with each other to put Nurio in scoring position. Efficiency has often been a problem for the Buffalos in recent weeks, but you can always do a little more against the arch enemy, Nurio showed himself a thoroughbred finisher and brought the 3-0 on the scoreboard.

Clement intervened at halftime. Mbamba stayed behind in the dressing room and Dost had to provide more punch in the front. No substitutions at halftime for the home team, but when Odijdja grabbed his butt in a sprint duel with Van Der Brempt, the Ghent captain was unable to continue. His replacement was ready quickly: Bezus still had more than 40 minutes to secure the blue and white victory.

AA Gent humiliates impotent Club Brugge: comic own goal provides climax in Ghelamco Arena
Photo: BELGA

Bezus plays the role of Tita Wizard

These days, however, Tissoudali is playing football on a blue-white cloud and the Dutch dribbling wonder drove the Bruges defenders to despair even after the break. Bruges had a little more possession in that fourth quarter, but then Bezus thought his ‘moment de gloire’ had come. The Ukrainian midfielder captured the ball on the edge of the Bruges sixteen, started a wonderful dribble, got rid of Balanta and finished dry in the far corner. 4-0. The Ghelamco Arena was not sold out yet but shook to its foundations for the first time in living memory.

Vanaken softened to 4-1 after a corner kick by Vormer. But that was not the beginning of a Bruges remonte. Tissoudali once again claimed the leading role: the Ghent star immediately embarrassed Sobol and Mechele and put the ball ready on the foot of Depoitre, who pushed his first goal since October 4, 2020, in front of his own audience against Beerschot, past another hopeless Mignolet. .

5-1, a score that drives even the greatest Ghent optimist to a delirium. But Vanhaezebrouck remained alert and threw two fresh forces into the fray with Malede and Oladoye. The same Malede appeared almost immediately in front of Mignolet, but the Israeli choked on his control and thus left the chance of a sixth goal from Ghent unused. Moments later, it was a hit, Mechele outwitted his own goalkeeper with a back pass. 6-1, the biggest home win for Ghent ever against Club Brugge.

AA Gent humiliates impotent Club Brugge: comic own goal provides climax in Ghelamco Arena
Photo: BELGA