Aajal: Al-Badri: I reject the terms of the loan and asked for the return of Ramadan and not prejudice this trio

Aajal: Al-Badri: I reject the terms of the loan and asked for the return of Ramadan and not prejudice this trio

Al-Badri: I reject the terms of the loan and asked for the return of Ramadan and does not prejudice this trio, Dear visitor, the site of the site, Al-Badri: Al-Badri: I reject the terms of the loan and request the return of Ramadan and do not prejudice this trio, as we search for the most important and latest news from all the websites and news agencies. Ramadan does not prejudice this three Me, we are viewing on our website, Al-Badri: I reject the terms of secondees and asked for the return of Ramadan does not prejudice to this trio, and so that you will be all that is new relay in the world of news. Tuesday 17 April 2018 01:37 pm Hossam Al-Badri, the coach of the first team of football club Al-Ahli, that he agreed with Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, chairman of the Red Castle, and Chairman of the Ball Committee to renew his contract, which ends at the end of the season, On Tuesday, for the official site of the Red Giant. “I was informed by Captain Al-Khatib of Al Ahly’s desire to continue as head of the team’s technical leadership. This was in two sessions we met during the UAE, but the health conditions of Captain Al-Khatib and his absence in the Arab Republic of Egypt, It is official. Hossam Al-Badri said: I did not address any special conditions, whether financial or otherwise for me in the renewal file, and any demands based primarily on strengthening the team and talk about the future, stressing that he has not previously set financial conditions for this file, The basis of the word financial terms; because its relationship with the club Ahli is greater than such things, and he is happy to continue with Ahli. Al-Badri pointed out that his travel with Sayed Abdul Hafiz to the UAE came in person without a mandate from the club; in order to check on the health of Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib before conducting spinal surgery recently in Germany. He explained: We did not intend to talk with Captain Khatib in any matters specific to the ball team, where the main objective of the visit to reassure him on his health only, but Captain Khatib insisted on talking in a number of files for the ball team; In order to reassure the future of the team and the condition of the players, The new sponsorships and deals, as well as the appreciation of some players who renew their contracts, and other technical matters related to the future of the team. He said he has already identified the centers he wants to strengthen next season, but it is difficult to announce them at the moment, especially since they are still in the beginning, and Captain Mahmoud Khatib follow them himself. He explained that there are positive steps in negotiating with some of the candidates, stressing that the deals identified by the conditions of certain, most important to suit the personality of the club Ahli, and be contracts with the clubs available to us, especially that there are players and their clubs are expensive in exchange for material to dispense them, All things are in the hands of Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib and the Ball Committee which already supports the technical staff and the team and is keen to provide all our needs. Hossam Al-Badri said that there are stages passed by the team throughout the season, and that he is on his way to finish the stage that started with the exit of some players on loan or final sale. He said: “The current stage we are going through ends at the end of the season on May 22 next year, and we hope to be successful in our remaining steps to the end of the season; the Cup of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Esperance and Kampala City in the group stage in the African Championship. He explained that the team also has the remaining games of the tournament, which has been officially resolved, which is of course a valuable opportunity to equip some players and we as a technician and players to play these games very seriously, and we want to make the most possible technical benefit of them; in preparation for the competitions of the Cup of Egypt and the League of groups Africa Championship. Al-Badri stressed that after this stage, all technical matters will be evaluated and also waiting for the position of the Egyptian Football Federation headed by Hani Abu Reda on the number of players who will be listed in the new season, as well as evaluating the loaned players to decide the return of some or retaining others. To evaluate the centers that need to be strengthened, and other technical matters that we are waiting for the end of the season in the previous date to refer to; in order to resolve them completely. I reject the terms of the loan As the coach said to the first team of football club Ahli, he refuses to have conditions for the return of players loaned to the team in the new season, especially since there are many jurisprudence in this regard, and I do not think that there is a player actually said linking his return to Ahli to participate in basic, Would not be acceptable to me as a technical director. “At the end of the season on May 22, the final position on loaned players will be settled by evaluating their level; to close this file completely to determine the best for the team, especially as it is difficult to resolve this at the moment. Al-Badri showed his request for the return of Nasser Maher, a player of Semouha and officially ending his loan to the Alexandrian club. When the player was promoted two seasons ago the first team showed the time of injury to the cruciate ligament and then recovered and loaned during the last period to Petrojt and Samouha to ensure his safety. Its technical readiness is indeed a big gain. He explained that due to the recent circumstances of the team, the return of Nasser Maher officially requested after the end of the season and spoke with Sayed Abdel Hafiz, the director of football and asked him to inform Smouha officially the return of the player to Al Ahli, and to confirm this in his contacts with officials Smouha and with the player himself. “South African Pacamani is a good player, but he still needs more time to accommodate his place,” said Hossam El-Badri. “Of course, I hope that this is a quick step because we need his services. “Ahmed Hamoudi is a good player, and he got his chance more than once, but in many periods he was not successful, so it was difficult to keep him. He was ruled out in some games to give the chance to other players at his center, , Who participates on a periodic basis, especially as he has better to offer to the team ». Hisham Mohamed is unlucky He explained that Hisham Mohammed was not lucky from the start, because of the multiple injuries that appear to her, which was the reason for the disruption of the ongoing participation. He said that Akram Tawfiq is a distinguished player, but there are many players who depend on him mainly, Hossam Ashour, Amr Sulouia or Hisham Mohammed, and before them Abdullah Al-Saeed, who was relied on in previous matches, stressing that Akram Tawfiq participated In two games, the next period will be held at intervals, and things are now on him to exploit the opportunities he will get. Al-Badri said he was very convinced of Ahmad Hamdi’s abilities, but the injuries also prevented him, and deprived the team of his efforts, and there are many games that were with us on the bench, but the conditions of the games did not give us the opportunity to pay. For me .. I am very convinced Ahmed Hamdi, One of the elements that are prepared for the future inside Al Ahly club, but it is stopped on the diligence in the stadium. Conditions Nedved wronged Hossam Al-Badri said that Karim Nedved is one of the players with great flexibility in performance. When he is on the team’s list, specifically on the bench, he is present for offensive and sometimes defensive possibilities. “Karim Nedved is the only player in the team who can play in any of the three lines in the field, whether in the attacking line, the midfield or the defense line, but the conditions are” grossly unfair, “and the player has already received more than one exit offer on loan, He refused to leave. Karim Nidved, Ahmed Yasser Ryan, Akram Tawfiq and Ahmad Hamdi are among the most promising elements, representing Al Ahly’s future. Hossam Al-Badri said he was the most convinced of the abilities and abilities of Sherif Ekrami, goalkeeper of the team, and gave him a full and unique opportunity throughout the last season. “Sherif Ikrami was suffering from a lack of success in some matches at the end of last season, but I do not hold him responsible for any failure on his own,” he said. “There was a need to look for another element, like Mohammed Al Shennawi, who was the closest to the game. At this time, Sharif Ikrami exposure to injury, and therefore became a single thing for the Shinawi, which resulted in the opportunity to get the full ». Al-Badri said that Al-Ahli had played decisive matches in the league this season. It was difficult to modify this position by removing Mohammed Al-Shennawi and re-Sharif Ikrami after the qualification period. However, there are some matches that will be played by Sherif Ekrami, But my thinking about the return of the player confirms my confidence in his abilities and qualifications, especially that Sharif Ikrami of the distinguished guards next to Mohammed Al-Shennawi and Ali Lutfi. “There are those who come out to talk about promises of Sharif Ekrami about returning to participate in the matches, which is not logical in the championship teams, because football has no promises, and I am very surprised to echo those words.” I do not believe in implementing the role policy As the coach told the club’s first football team, he does not believe in applying the role-playing policy among goalkeepers when there are big differences between the guards. He said: “If the levels are very close between the guards I welcome the policy of the role between them, but the existence of differences between the guards prompts me to not think fully in the implementation of the role policy. He explained that the next season will find it very difficult to choose the goalkeeper of Al Ahli, with the possession of the team 3 guards at the highest level, including minor differences, which of course will ultimately benefit the team, which remains more important than anything. I asked for the return of Ramadan Subhi Hossam al-Badri said that he asked for the return of Ramadan Sobhi the coming period either permanently or on loan, all of which are still under study and have not been informed of the steps that have been made so far, according to reported on Tuesday, the official site of the Red Fort. He said: I started to develop many solutions that compensate for the departure of Abdullah Al-Saeed, which we lost on the technical level. He explained: The management of the club Ahli has taken the right and correct decision for the crisis of the most auspicious, which is the decision that we have always used in Ahli and everyone knows that Al Ahly does not stand on any player as always in Al Ahly club. He stressed that it is possible to modify the way to play or search for another player who plays the same role of happiness, all things studied and research until the stability on the best technical for us. I refuse to leave this trio Al-Badri confirmed that there is no intention to abandon the trio Ajayi and Ali Maaloul and Azaro, and did not receive any offers in the recent period and all the rumors in this regard is not true at all even if the offers are rejected because Ahli Championship and looking for his favorite championship, Needs all items. Al-Badri made a speech to the fans of Al-Ahli, stressing that it is the true bond of the team and one of the elements involved in making the history of this grand edifice. Our goal is always to make it happy and achieve its ambitions. It is the focus of our thinking and we work on its happiness in addition to what has been accomplished over the past 11 years. The coach of Ahli football team said that the departure of Ahmed Hijazi to the experience of external professionalism in West Bromwich English is one of the most difficult difficulties faced by the team this season, in light of the injuries that hit the line of defense, after the injury of three Rami Rabia, Mohammed Najib and Saad Samir at intervals Consecutive. He said: “There are things I would like to clarify in terms of the loan file, specifically the departure of some players, despite my objection to this matter, for example Mumin Zakaria, who insisted on leaving to Saudi Arabia, and the loan was approved as a kind of reward to His performance with the team over the past period and specifically difficult. Al-Ahly also benefited from loaning Zakaria to Momen Zakaria on the material and marketing level, as he benefited from many such as Saleh Jumaa, Ahmed Al-Shaikh, Hussein Al-Sayed and Amr Barakat. The club’s interest remains in determining the position of any player. Al-Badri pointed out that there are a number of players who were loaned did not participate with Al-Ahli mainly, and then was approved to loan them to allow them and the referee on their level, and benefit the club financially. He continued: Al-Ahli was not affected by the departure of the loaners, although the names included distinguished players, but everyone praised the club Ahli after he made financial gains from lending players who also benefited from the restoration of their technical level. Al-Badri: I reject the terms of the loan and ask for the return of Ramadan and do not prejudice this trio, do not forget the admiration of the pages of the social networking sites of the site, to receive you the latest political, economic, sports and artistic news from the economic website, Al-Badri: Ramadan and not prejudice this trio.

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