Aargauer orders 24 corona vaccination certificates and flies up

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Aargauer orders 24 corona vaccination certificates in Germany – customs blow him up

After a 49-year-old father successfully ordered a fake vaccination card for himself and his family members in Germany, he sensed a new business idea. But he didn’t expect customs, they intercepted his illegal order. Now it is costing him dearly.

An Aargauer ordered fake vaccination cards in Germany.

Stefan Puchner / DPA

Vaccination certificate ordered illegally abroad

The vaccination books of the respective family members state that they underwent a Covid vaccination in Munich at the end of June 2021. As can now be seen in a penalty order from the Aargau public prosecutor’s office, the family was not vaccinated either in the Munich vaccination center or in the connected branch offices.

The 49-year-old ordered fake vaccination certificates from Germany on the Internet and had them sent to his private address in the Muri district. This with the intention of giving himself and his family members access to locations that require a certificate – without having carried out a Covid vaccination.

Even before he held the Covid certificates applied for from the canton in his hands, the 49-year-old sensed a new business idea. He ordered 20 more fake international vaccination certificates online to sell them to third parties. However, he did not reckon with the Northeast-Mülligen customs.

His mail was intercepted there at the end of September 2021 and was then held back. When the native Serb noticed that his parcel from Deutsche Post with the certificates was taking longer than stated, he created an investigation order with the same tracking number – and thus caught the authorities’ attention.

Instead of cashing in, he has to pay

The 49-year-old ordered the 20 fake IDs with the intention of selling them in order to also give third parties unauthorized access to locations where a Covid certificate was mandatory at the time. For this he committed multiple document forgery. Instead of making a profit from the forged evidence, the family man now has to pay a conditional fine.

Also hanging, also caught: Because the father of the family also applied for a Covid certificate for his wife from the canton with a fake vaccination card, the 43-year-old is also convicted of forgery.

2023-06-03 12:34:55

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