Ábalos asks for cooperation: “We do not expect the citizens to applaud us, but neither do we expect them to boo us”



The minister draws a black future for the transport sector that “will be one of the last to emerge from hibernation”

The Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, this Monday in the Congress of Deputies.

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, has asked the parliamentary forces to collaborate to face the new stage of de-escalation in confinement and in the recovery of the country’s economic activity. “I do not expect citizens to applaud us, but I would also not like to be booed,” he said in theTransportation commissionof theCongress.

“What I hope,” he added, “is that this pandemic does not imply a permanent mistrust regarding the effectiveness of the decisions made, a general pessimism regarding the future of the nation and the lack of cohesion. We all have the obligation to rearm hope and to transfer the confidence that yes or yes we will succeed and when we are not capable, we will correct. It takes perseverance, perseverance, cooperation, avoiding confrontation until this happens. ” And he stressed: “I do not ask for compliance, submission, silence, rather the opposite: I ask that we be required, that we be held accountable, that we be given proposals based on rigor and responsibility.”

And it is that Ábalos has outlined a dark future that turns black for the field of passenger transport and, consequently, for tourism, essential to maintain the country’s gross domestic product. Of the transport he has come to assure that “he will be one of the last to come out of hibernation.” The most serious problems will affect the airline sector.

According to the minister, in all probability the instrument of the temporary employment regulation files (ERTE) will have to be prolonged for air transport, practically paralyzed since the pandemic began with a drop in the mobility level of 94%.

“The economic consequences”, he stressed, “are very visible” and for this reason he has anticipated the agreement withFrance,ItalyandGermanyto adopt a package of joint measures and maintain a common position in theCouncil of Transport Ministersto be held next Wednesday.

The four countries will claim theEuropean Comissionan aid fund for the aviation sector, the maintenance of the so-called ‘green corridors’ to guarantee the smooth continuity of the transport of goods once a certain normality in the transit of people is recovered and the approval of the measures to be followed carriers. “We need”, he said, thatEuropebe a lever for the future. “

The return to the new normality will be, in the field of transport, “in quotation marks”, he stated, because it will be a sector that, in the de-escalation phase, will be subjected to an “important level of stress”, conditioned on the one hand for the necessary increase in supply and, on the other, for the essential management of demand with an essential reinforcement of access controls.

On the contrary, the minister has predicted that the construction sector will have “a tractor effect” in the reconstruction and recovery of employment, although in order to be truly effective and can be maximized it will require “a generous investment plan. European”.

Ábalos has assured that the Government does not expect the citizens to “applaud” him, but neither does he expect it to “boo” him. “What I hope,” he said, “is that this pandemic does not imply permanent mistrust of the decisions made.” “We need,” he urged, “to avoid confrontation. I do not ask for compliance or silence, but proposals, cooperation and that we are required to account.”

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