abandonment of iPhone charger saves 861,000 tonnes of metals

Ah, it had been a long time since I had reveled in good greenwashing prose relayed by a complacent freelance writer.
Apple has sold 2 billion iPhones since their creation. At 100 grams per loader, the total weight since the beginning of the story is therefore 200,000 tonnes, including all materials, printed circuit boards, plastics etc …
Resumed otherwise, 865,100 tons of metals, at 80g per loader, that’s 10 billion loaders since what? October 2020. The bigger the lie …
Meanwhile, what happens at the end of life of the hundreds of thousands of tons of products that Apple continues to deliver around the world, while organizing an increasingly low repairability, and an increasingly rapid obsolescence?
How is the electricity produced that feeds the data centers that pulsate films, music … in Internet pipes EVERY TIME we watch them?

Come on, you too, become a journalist …