Abdo Khal narrates the suffering of young people in the eighties when searching for entertainment.

Al-Marsad newspaper: The writer Abdo Khal commented on the entertainment events that the Kingdom is currently witnessing, and demanded the head of the Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, to compensate the eighties generation (for entertainment) for what they lost in the time of their youth.

sidewalks Corniche red

And he said during an article published in the Okaz newspaper entitled “We must compensate for the days of youth,” God watered the days of youth when we were looking for recreational places, and we found no Salwa except for the sidewalks of the Red Corniche (that is, if they accept us).

heartbreak the hearts

And he continued, the heartbreak was to the extent that a friend who had a famous refrain, joked about it whenever he was told: Life is good, my friend. So his response after turning his palms and raising his eyebrows would be: – What life! No cinema, no theater, no train, no river.. and you tell me life is good?!

where stay up

And he added, at that time, Egyptian newspapers and magazines used to install a corner entitled (Where do you stay up late this evening?), a corner that reminds people of places suitable for receiving stay-at-nights to spend a nice and innocent night.

Leaves the deck

And he continued, we passed long nights and (forgot) the cards of the cards, starting with (Al-Basra) and passing through Al-Shaddah, and the Kankan and finally the game (Balout), which is the advanced rank of the (Al-Harifa) of the sahrans. (Pulp the paper), and how long were the (turnip) nights.

cracking Oud

He added, that a person’s reaching the stage of youth – in our time – means reaching the stage of social cursing, as all charges are attached to him if he wants to engage in any kind of fun. The young man is an epidemic that must be isolated from the rest of society, even if one of us wants to gather with Friends on the sidewalk of the Corniche and live the night when a friend hears a musician and singer, before the voice of (our singer) reaches our ears, a (James) car surrounds us, and one or two men get out of it to break the lute over our heads or urge us to leave the sidewalk.. We spent difficult nights, even if I wanted to add words to tales and tales about the stage of our youth and the suffering that we found.

Weather Riyadh

And he said, after the lapse of forty years, life has breathed! .. Indeed, I am one of those young people who rejoice these days in their open social life and their integration in many areas of entertainment … I am writing this article while I am in the city of Riyadh, and I arrived there to attend the concert of the great artist Mohammed Abdo, and before that Enjoying the Riyadh season.. Riyadh has become the hearth of the heart.. Last night, the night of Riyadh was filled with all kinds of entertainment, so the one looking for joy does not find a dilemma wherever he goes.

He went on to say, with the emergence of the Entertainment Authority and the diversity of areas of solace it brought about, made the nights more peaceful and noisy with a young life, and the title (Where do you sleep this evening) became tasteful and lustrous.

Compensation generation 80s

He concluded his article by saying, I remember that I wrote an article in which I demanded His Excellency Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh to compensate us for what was stolen from our lives so that we, the generation (the youth of the eighties), are given recreational opportunities to live to renew our stolen youth. In compensating our generation for the joys stolen from it, there are many formulas to compensate us (in entertainment) for what we lost in the time of our youth.