Ábel Anita has not called János Kulka, who played his father in the Neighbors, since his strike

For twelve years, János Kulka was one of the most important people in the life of Anita Ábel, but the relationship later ended.

In the Neighbors, a father and daughter were played, Mágenheim was a doctor and Julcsi, and behind the scenes, the then-recognized actor was one of the teenage girl’s confidants and friends. Yet when Kulka went on strike more than five and a half years ago, Anita Abel was not among those who offered a helping hand, Blikk wrote.

Ábel AnitaSource: Ábel Anita, Instagram

Now he confessed, he feels terrible about not being with János Kulka and hasn’t been looking for him since. “Then I didn’t look for him, which I’m ashamed of on the one hand, but I didn’t know how to do it. In a situation like this, when he hasn’t had a relationship for a year or two before, what do you say?” Anita Ábel asked.

“I asked Juci Schell if I should call him. How would he react at all? Because towards my love and the way we were in that relationship, it didn’t go away. – He told.