archyworldys :: News from the “dorfnah” project

04/11/2021, 9:34 am | Press releases

A logo and a Facebook page

With each week the project “near the village” takes on more obvious features. Especially since it has its own logo that will decorate all relevant materials, media and later also the community and club houses involved. In friendly colors and provided with pretty, small details, it was developed in collaboration with the Altenburg graphic designer Luena Leyh. On which it would become a symbol for an improved form of local supply and togetherness in the Nobitz districts. Because wherever it appears, the village will hopefully soon be (even) closer.

With the desire for more exchange and the opportunity for all Nobitzers to actively participate in the development of the “near-village” concept, the Nobitz community can now also be found on Facebook as part of the project: near the village. A first for the community and at the same time a very direct line for anyone interested to get information “close to the village”, but also to seek contact and contribute their own ideas. If you are not active in social media yourself, you can still use your phone (0152 5371553) or write an email to: [email protected]

i. A. Maike Steuer, project manager “near the village”