Abnormal radio waves from Space

Space speaks to us, that’s for sure. Signals arrive from the depths of the universe, which the most advanced telescopes and instruments are able to pick up. Then the scientists on the ground analyze them, to find out more about the immensity of what surrounds us. The signals come in the form of where radiowhich occasionally have some anomaly.

The anomalous radio waves

The Chinese state newspaper Science and Technology Daily reported a discovery which has left the scientific world perplexed: the gigantic Sky Eye radio telescope, also Chinese and the largest in the world, may have detected signs of alien civilization. The report was then deleted, along with all related posts.

Sky Eye is the nickname the scientific community has given to Fast, a radio telescope of dimensions difficult to imagine: a single plate 500 meters wide, which could house about forty football fields. Fast is also an acronym, for Five-hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope. It is located in China, in the southwestern province of Guizhou, where a mountain was leveled to build it.

What we do know is that the narrowband electromagnetic signals detected by Sky Eye are different than those intercepted previously. The team that received them is examining them carefully: in the article then deleted was mentioned Zhang Tonjie, chief scientist of a research team of extraterrestrial civilizations co-founded by the Normal University of Beijing, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of California , Berkeley.

We do not know why the report was apparently removed from the website of the Science and Technology Dailyalso because the news had already begun to do trend on the Weibo social network and had been picked up by other media, including Western ones.

What could be behind the anomaly

This new “repeated signal from a constant radio source “, formed by” narrow band electromagnetic pulses “was captured while some exoplanets were observed and listened to, that is celestial bodies that are located outside our Solar System and which are one of the most fascinating topics for astronomers and engineers: NASA has estimated an approximate number, but they are all data in constant evolution. Returning to our anomaly, “the impulse comes from a metal-poor nano-galaxy,” they wrote in their study just published in the scientific journal Nature Chinese scientists. Studies on this event are still ongoing, and will remain so for a long time to come.

Researchers explain that short-band electromagnetic signals usually are artificially produced: for this they were named the “aliens”. Authoritative experts in the field, however, explained that there is not necessarily half of ET: these signals could very well come from radio interference produced on our planet, and therefore be due to a sort of “radio pollution”. Among other things, this year there were really many radio signals from the deep universe: experts even speak of a historical record.

This is not the first time that interference or anomalous radio signals are immediately attributed to aliens. The search for intelligent life forms is certainly interesting, but it needs to prove definitely more concrete.