About Education Day – Education Day

In order to achieve these goals, the Education Day initiative is designed as a year-round action line. This includes various program elements during the year such as funding programs, scientific studies, series of events or other formats that bring the main topic to the general public.

These elements – carried out by individual organizations or in partnership with several organizations – result in the day of action and the festive climax of the initiative on December 8th. Essential elements of the day of action are closely coordinated, Germany-wide and decentralized actions by local partners as well as a central event in a city in Germany, accompanied by an education festival. In addition, joint communication measures complement the day of education. In this way, it offers space for a wide variety of projects and initiatives and brings them into the focus of public interest.

An annually changing main topic forms the content-related bracket for the respective activities within the framework of the initiative. If possible, it is based on the main topic of the respective KMK presidency.

The Education Day initiative sees itself as a strategic educational alliance in the sense of the Collective Impact, in which partners from politics, civil society, business and the media can participate in a variety of ways. In terms of programming, the Education Day initiative is the responsibility of a consortium of non-profit organizations. All activities related to the Education Day initiative are coordinated and operationally supported by the Stifterverband.