about fifty inhabitants threatened with eviction

An eviction notice has been issued for around fifty people living in a dilapidated building in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) because the building threatens to collapse. The notice will be applicable from Wednesday. Residents and owners must be temporarily relocated.

Nacéra Boumahdi, 89, has to leave her apartment in 4 days. His building is in danger of collapsing and the town hall of Aubervilliers has issued a decree of imminent danger. “I’m staying here. Someone I know will pick up the luggage and take the things over there, but I’m staying here”she says.

About fifty owners and tenants are concerned. Some have young children, like Serge, father of a three-month-old baby: “With my partner, we will be relocated to a hotel, I hope. But I have a three-month-old baby and we won’t be able to cook. We don’t know which hotel we’ll be in, if we are going to change every 5 days. We have no guarantee”.

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Residents threatened with eviction in Aubervilliers

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Some occupants would not have rent receipts and would be, according to the Right to Housing association, victims of slum landlords. The DAL fears that they will end up on the streets.

“It is imperative that the town hall accommodates all the inhabitants and that it prepares a rehousing process. It is responsible, it has issued a decree of danger, it is the law. It must now do its job”says Jean-Baptiste Eyraud, spokesperson for the association.

The town hall of Aubervilliers, for its part, ensures that everything is done to accommodate the maximum number of people. “Social services are in the loop. As far as possible, we will not leave anyone on the street”explains Véronique Dauvergne, deputy mayor of Aubervilliers in charge of hygiene and health.

The DAL plans to set up camp next Wednesday in front of the town hall if no solution is provided for all the occupants.