About our coverage of the Ventanilla oil spill | FROM-THE-EDITING

On Tuesday, January 18, in our printed edition we reported on the oil spill in Ventanilla that affected several kilometers of beach and caused serious damage to biodiversity. As a result of the eruption of the Tonga volcano, anomalous waves were produced that affected the process of unloading crude oil from the Mare Doricum ship. Our note indicated that the company responsible for the discharge was La Pampilla, but did not include that La Pampilla SAA is owned by the multinational Repsol. This information was also not included on our cover.

In view of the need to show all the actors involved in this environmental catastrophe that needs to be solved, we proceeded to update the article in our digital edition, including the mention of Repsol, and in our next printed edition on Wednesday, January 19, the mentioned company was named company both on our cover and in the opening note of the National section on page 6.

We apologize to our readers for the initial omission on Tuesday and we promise to continue giving wide coverage to this environmental crisis, ensuring that the facts are shown in their exact magnitude.